Police officer in Guadalajara charged with leading a gang of kidnappers

An arrest warrant was executed, and charges were brought against a municipal policeman from Guadalajara, considered to be the alleged leader of a gang of kidnappers.

Pablo Heriberto “F” was arrested along with seven subjects, considered responsible for various kidnappings against merchants in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG).

From the investigation, it emerged that Pablo Heriberto “F” took advantage of his position as a line police officer and took confidential information to which he had access through the corporation and leaked it to the criminal group; He was also in charge of the area where several kidnappings took place and he provided protection to criminals to prevent them from being discovered.

One of the events occurred on April 5, when a 56-year-old merchant was intercepted at the corner of Enrique Olivarría and Ferrari streets, in the Villas del Nilo neighborhood, in Guadalajara, by armed subjects who kidnapped him.

Then, his family received demands and threats from the kidnappers through text messages and calls, for the payment of $1.5 million pesos in exchange for returning him alive; They sent photographs of the victim handcuffed, in the place of captivity.

It was then that his relatives managed to collect 100,000 pesos and a 2018 Honda CRV truck that they delivered to the criminals, for which the merchant was released.

As a result of the ministerial proceedings, three months ago the group began to dismantle, and seven members are being prosecuted, four of them arrested a few hours after the kidnapping of another older adult, also a merchant, in the Lagos de Oriente neighborhood in Guadalajara, who was rescued in the operation.

Later the rest of the criminal group was arrested, and all were charged. Heriberto was arrested this week in an operation in Tlaquepaque, and now he is being charged with kidnapping, with his aggravating circumstance, he was given eight months of justified preventive detention as a precautionary measure.

Heriberto is considered the leader of the gang of kidnappers, he had been working as a member of the Guadalajara police for 24 years, according to Mayor Pablo Lemus, “this police officer had been inside the corporation for 24 years, attacking the citizens without anyone doing anything. Since we came to power at the Government of Guadalajara we started a cleanup in the Guadalajara Police, which will not stop…”.

The mayor confirms that the policeman had his Confidence Control exams, approved by the State Council for Evaluation and Control of Confidence, attached to the State Council for Public Security, and adds that from the moment of his arrest the administrative processes began to remove him from office.

Heriberto is only one story of the massive corruption in local, state, and federal police forces, including the National Guard and Mexican Army who have gained more control of security in Mexico and operate within criminal rings with impunity.

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