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Vallarta Daily (Puerto Vallarta Daily News / PVDN) was established as an English news website serving Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on April 5, 2014. Our goal is to provide local, national, and international news of interest to the expat community in Puerto Vallarta, and to those around the world who have an interest in Puerto Vallarta.

We are Puerto Vallarta’s most-read news site serving the expat community.

Every month, Vallarta Daily engages over 100,000 readers representing nearly 1-million page views every month and over 10,000 newsletter subscribers receiving our news by email every day.

PVDN is the only game in town.

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Banner Advertising

Choose one of the below banner advertisement areas before July 15, 2019, and receive a 50% discount to celebrate Independence Day with our American readers.

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We offer your business banner space right in the middle of every article on our website with an In-Article Banner for maximum visibility. Only one available.

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These are the only two banner opportunites available on PVDN. During 2020 we are phasing out all other banners on PVDN and removing the current right column of our website. If you want to secure your spot as one of only two advertising partners with PVDN, the time is now while this opportunity is available.


Common questions and about our web traffic.

What is the average Pay Per Click for ads on PVDN?

The average advertiser spends .05 cents (USD) per click based on their yearly advertising cost divided by their yearly clickthroughs. As a comparison, the average cost per click with Google ads is $2.00. If your business is looking to attract expats living in Mexico, and more narrowly in Puerto Vallarta, PVDN offers more opportunity than any other website at a much lower cost.

How much web traffic do you receive?

Our website receives an average of 100,000 UNIQUE visitors every month, the average of the past 12 months, and an average of 700,000 page views each month. Don’t take our word for it, here are the numbers from last month.

As a reference, the closest alternative to English news in Puerto Vallarta publically advertises 1-million page views per year on their advertising page. PVDN served over 900,000 page views just last month. That means we can serve your banner 12X more than the second rated news site in our city, and at a lower cost than they offer.

Who visits PVDN?

Do you report banner impressions and clicks to advertisers?

Yes, we do! EVERY month we deliver a report from GOOGLE (not prepared by PVDN) that informs each advertiser about the stats recorded for their banner performance by measuring exactly how many clicks Google registers from our website to yours. Numbers you can count on! We don’t send advertisers ‘server’ reports, they are not reliable numbers and can be manipulated. All banner activity is tracked by a third party, not PVDN.

What payment types do you accept?

VallartaDaily.Com is a U.S. based company in California and is part of ¡Gotcha! Brands. We only accept PayPal at this moment because our advertising clients are worldwide and we have found this to be the easiest form of payment when accepting international payments from multiple currencies.

Do you provide facturas?

PVDN is owned by ¡Gotcha! Brands in California, USA, therefore we do not provide Mexican facturas because we are not a Mexican business, we only write about Mexico. We will provide you an invoice in US Dollars for your advertising.

We report statistics every month!
Receive monthly statistics on your banner advertising, including the number of impressions and number of clicks. Our statistics are reported from Google, not our own internal program that can be manipulated.

Our advertising with PVDN has been so effective we stopped all other online ads.

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Press Releases

Get more attention for your event or business news with a press release

A paid press release is content you provide for publication and links to your website or event. Press releases are included in our daily newsletter and distributed to thousands more through our Social Media followers.

Ideal for: Businesses looking to promote a short-term offering, such as an event, sale, or company news.

Cost: $35.00 USD

Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Want to advertise a property for sale, or a vacation rental available in Puerto Vallarta? We have options for that too!

Real Estate Listing


List your home for sale on VallartaDaily (Sample Listing) Your property is on our website until it sells and we promote your property through our social media and newsletter.

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Vacation Rentals

Starting at $19.99 USD

List your vacation rental property in Puerto Vallarta on three of our popular websites. VallartaDaily.Com, PVRGo.Com, and VallartaRentalsInc.Com. Get more bookings now!

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