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PVDN Banner Advertising

PVDN serves advertising banners on CPM pricing, which means advertisers pay for the number of times their advertisement is displayed. 

CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, is a popular pricing model used in online advertising. With CPM pricing, advertisers pay for every thousand times their ad is displayed to a user. This pricing model has become increasingly popular due to its simplicity and the ability to accurately predict costs. And many times, sites that only offer you a flat rate for advertising actually have low traffic.

How does CPM ad pricing work?

CPM ad pricing is based on the number of impressions, or views, that an ad receives. An impression is counted each time an ad is displayed on a website or app. For example, if an ad is displayed 1,000 times, that would be considered 1,000 impressions.

With CPM pricing, the advertiser agrees to pay a fixed rate for every thousand impressions that the ad receives. For example, if the CPM rate is $5 and the ad receives 10,000 impressions, the total cost for the advertiser would be $50.

On VallartaDaily, the CPM pricing is based on three criteria.

  1. If you want a long-term advertising agreement (at least six months)
  2. The location of your banner will be displayed on the website.
  3. Banner size

CPM pricing ranges between $1.00 USD (per 1,000 impressions) and $1.50 (per 1,000 impressions), depending on the three factors above. The internet average for CPM is $2.80, so PVDN offers prices well below industry norms.

Advantages of CPM ad pricing

There are several advantages to using CPM ad pricing. First, it is a predictable pricing model. Advertisers can easily calculate their costs and budget accordingly. Second, CPM pricing allows for greater control over the number of impressions that an ad receives. This can be useful for advertisers who want to ensure that their ad is seen by a specific number of users. Finally, CPM pricing can be more cost-effective than other pricing models, such as cost per click (CPC), for advertisers who are primarily interested in building brand awareness rather than generating immediate conversions.


Common questions and about our web traffic.

Why do you use CPM for ad pricing?

We believe that CPM (paying for the impressions you receive) is a better deal for you. Just like Puerto Vallarta, we also have ‘seasons’. The more foreigners in town, the more people read the local English news. For this reason, paying for advertising based on the actual traffic being received on the website each day just makes sense for the advertiser. Sometimes you may use 300,000 impressions in 3 weeks, other times it could stretch your advertising to 5-6 weeks. So why pay a flat rate for advertising during slower news cycles?

How many banners can I use?

You can provide up to 3 banners and PVDN will rotate them so different ads display every time a visitor clicks through to another page. This can help keep it fresh for web visitors and limit the amount of ad blindness they develop towards your ad. (not paying attention because they have seen it before, blocking it out).

Will my banner show on mobile devices

Yes. And you may wish to supply a separate banner graphic just for mobile users. A 300×300 banner works best for mobile users if you want a separate graphic for them.

Who makes the graphic

The advertiser will be responsible for the graphic, however, PVDN is owned and operated by a marketing company so at an extra cost, we can help you create a web banner.

What payment types do you accept?

VallartaDaily.Com is a U.S.-based company in California and is part of ¡Gotcha! Brands, a branding and marketing company in operation for two decades. We use PayPal or credit card payments using Stripe as our card processing company.

How much web traffic do you receive?

PVDN averages 300,000+ page views per month with 100,000+ visitors. Below is the last 30-days of stats from VallartaDaily.Com


Who visits PVDN?

Do you provide facturas?

PVDN is owned by ¡Gotcha! Brands in California, USA, therefore we do not provide Mexican facturas because we are not a Mexican business, we only write about Mexico. We will provide you an invoice in US Dollars for your advertising.

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