Ready to ditch the old way of advertising?

Puerto Vallarta is changing, if you are still advertising in the same publications as you were a decade ago, you are just throwing your advertising dollars in the trash.

Currently available advertising solutions on PVDN.

Banner Advertising


Your banner is served on EVERY webpage on PVDN. It is not rotated with other banners, if we receive 1-million page views every month, your banner is seen 1-million times. It’s that simple. Banner size is 300X250 or 728X90, placement is first-come, first-serve. Contact us to reserve the next available spot ASAP. Paid semi-annually.



An advertorial is a news article that advertises your business or services and is published alongside all the other news published on PVDN. (Sample Here). As you can see in the sample link provided, that advertorial received over 1,000 social network shares! Advertorials can be extremely effective advertising campaigns.

How much web traffic do you receive?

Our website receives an average of 150,000 UNIQUE visitors every month, the average of the past 12 months, and an average of 700,000 page views each month. Don’t take our word for it, here are the numbers from last month.

As a reference, Banderas News publically advertises 1-million page views per year. PVDN last month (in one month) served over 900,000 page views. That means we can serve your banner 12X than Banderas News, and from the looks of it, even cheaper.

Who visits PVDN?

Do you report banner impressions and clicks to advertisers?

Yes, we do! EVERY month we deliver a report from GOOGLE (not prepared by PVDN) that informs each advertiser about the stats recorded for their banner performance by measuring exactly how many clicks Google registers from our website to yours. Numbers you can count on! We don’t send advertisers ‘server’ reports, they are not reliable numbers and can easily be manipulated. All banner activity is tracked by a third party, not PVDN.

What is an Advertorial?

An advertorial is an editorial/article written for the purpose of promoting a business or commercial event. Combining the two words, Advertisement and Editorial. Advertisers who wish to purchase an advertorial publication on PVDN are responsible for writing the content, or PVDN can write the content for you at an additional cost depending on the size of the advertorial content. The cost to publish one advertorial is $1000 pesos.

PVDN is the most read English news website in the area covering local and Mexico News, but not only are we competitive in Puerto Vallarta, but we are also one of the most read English news sites for Mexico News nationally in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. Very few news websites in our niche perform better than PVDN.

The lower the number the more popular your site is on the internet, #1 representing the most popular site in the world. Red indicates the website is LOSING readers. Green indicates the website is GAINING readers.

An eye on the future

PVDN has kept pace with changes in the internet so that our future and success of our advertisers continue to grow. While other local publications are losing readership, we are gaining year after year with an eye on the future!

PVDN is one of the only English news sites that is considered ‘mobile friendly’ by Google. That’s important to advertisers because nearly 70% of internet users access websites from mobile devices.

Have you ever tried viewing another leading English news site in Puerto Vallarta from your phone? Not a very good experience for mobile users or advertisers.

Our ability to outgrow longstanding news sites in the area has been based on our ability to foresee changes in technology, positioning ourselves for a long-term stay in the Puerto Vallarta news industry and gaining readership of millennial, the fastest growing base of consumers and travelers in Puerto Vallarta.

Advertising to your future customer base now just makes good business sense!

Is your ad not performing as well as you had hoped?

PVDN stands behind our traffic statistics as the most read English news site in Puerto Vallarta. Our website receives an average of 150,000 UNIQUE visitors every month, the average of the past 12 months, and an average of 700,000 page views. But that doesn't mean your banner will always perform well.

It's important to create professional and visually appealing ads that our readers want to click. It's also important that you change your banner on occasion to reflect seasons and promotions so that readers do not become 'blind' to your advertisement. We can also rotate up to 3 banners in your position so that your banner is fresh with each page load. All this is included with your banner advertising, simply provide your banners (up to 3) to your ad sales rep and send new banners any time you want to change things up!
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