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Vallarta Daily is phasing out all banner advertising and will discontinue all site banners in 2020 and only offer Sponsored Posts as the advertising choice on VallartaDaily.Com.

What is a Sponored Post?

A sponsored post is an article written about a topic or industry in which your company would like to advertise (i.e. real estate in Puerto Vallarta). A real estate company may wish to write an objective article about the local real estate market with links to their website as article references and within the article by line.

Sponsored posts should be informational, not a sales pitch, but it promotes your business as an authority in the industry and is more trusted than a banner.

Sponsored posts gives your company an opportunity to tell your story in an engaging way, and sponsored posts are never deleted, brining your business a lifetime of promotions and link building with internet search engines.

Who writes the sponsored post?

The advertiser typically writes the article they wish to publish on PVDN, however Vallarta Daily is available to enlist professional writers to create content on your behalf for an added cost.

How much is a sponsored post?

Publishing a sponsored post on PVDN is $199.00 USD for a lifetime advertisement that also helps in link building to your business website. The sponsored post would be written by the advertisers company, or may be written by a professional freelance writing team for an additional cost.

Sponsored Post terms:

  1. Fee of $199 USD must be paid prior to publication. Payments are processed using PayPal.
  2. PVDN does not accept sponsored posts for gambeling, adult entertainment, tabacco or other sources that PVDN wishes not to have thier brand accociated with. PVDN has the right to refuse sponsored posts for any reason.
  3. Links in approved sponsored posts will be ‘Do Follow’ links to help the Sponsored Post’s website to have the advantage of link building in search engines.
  4. Sponsored Posts do not expire and will always be available on VallartaDaily.Com as long as the website is accessible on the internet and owned by Gotcha Brands.

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Are Sponsored Posts better than banner advertising?

MediaPlanet explains the advantage to Sponsored Posts:

1. Customer expectations and behaviors have changed

Today’s consumers are used to engaging with content—ads included—when and where they choose. There are whole generations of folks who have never even had to sit through a television commercial. They grew up with DVR, cord-cutting, and digital video. These guys, and, increasingly so, older generations, don’t have tolerance for traditional, interruptive advertising experiences. They don’t like it when a commercial message interrupts what they are reading or watching. They don’t like being held hostage until the unwanted message is finished, or until they manage to click out or change the channel – whatever comes first. In fact, according to HubSpot, 72 percent of consumers say they would have a lower opinion of a brand that subjected them to a pop-up ad.
Often, sponsored content is delivered in such a way that consumers can engage with it if and when they so choose.

2. Customers prefer it

There is a time and place for traditional advertising, and it is way more effective when it is targeted and relevant to the user. But one of the main reasons why brands and publishers are investing more resources in sponsored content is that their audiences prefer it. Seventy percent of people would prefer to learn about a company via content, as opposed to an ad.

3. Sponsored content allows for more in-depth storytelling

There is only so much a brand can say in a banner ad or 15-second video spot. If your brand wants to shed light on a complicated subject, sponsored content beats traditional advertising, hands down. An article, infographic, or video allows you to dive deeper into a subject matter and better showcase your expertise or perspective.

4. Sponsored content is more engaging

People spend an average of 37 seconds on an article. Often, Mediaplanet content generates even higher engagement times – 60 to 90 seconds! What do you get with a banner ad? A millisecond, if you are lucky? Sponsored content is also becoming increasingly interactive and shareable, further improving key performance indicators. Content also improves brand recall, which makes sense – if someone spends 30-plus seconds reading or watching something, they are more likely to remember it than a banner ad they glimpsed in their peripheral.

5. People don’t always trust ads

Trust is the foundation of effective advertising, and creating high-quality sponsored content can earn your audience’s trust. For better or worse, audience trust is harder to come by. According to a recent study, one in three people do not like online ads. This is what fuels the adoption of ad-blocking software.

Our advertising with PVDN has been so effective we stopped all other online ads.

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Common questions and about our web traffic.

What is the average Pay Per Click for ads on PVDN?

The average advertiser spends .05 cents (USD) per click based on their yearly advertising cost divided by their yearly clickthroughs. As a comparison, the average cost per click with Google ads is $2.00. If your business is looking to attract expats living in Mexico, and more narrowly in Puerto Vallarta, PVDN offers more opportunity than any other website at a much lower cost.

How much web traffic do you receive?

Our website receives an average of 100,000 UNIQUE visitors every month, the average of the past 12 months, and an average of 700,000 page views each month. Don’t take our word for it, here are the numbers from last month.

As a reference, the closest alternative to English news in Puerto Vallarta publically advertises 1-million page views per year on their advertising page. PVDN served over 900,000 page views just last month. That means we can serve your banner 12X more than the second rated news site in our city, and at a lower cost than they offer.

Who visits PVDN?

Do you report banner impressions and clicks to advertisers?

Yes, we do! EVERY month we deliver a report from GOOGLE (not prepared by PVDN) that informs each advertiser about the stats recorded for their banner performance by measuring exactly how many clicks Google registers from our website to yours. Numbers you can count on! We don’t send advertisers ‘server’ reports, they are not reliable numbers and can be manipulated. All banner activity is tracked by a third party, not PVDN.

What payment types do you accept?

VallartaDaily.Com is a U.S. based company in California and is part of ¡Gotcha! Brands. We only accept PayPal at this moment because our advertising clients are worldwide and we have found this to be the easiest form of payment when accepting international payments from multiple currencies.

Do you provide facturas?

PVDN is owned by ¡Gotcha! Brands in California, USA, therefore we do not provide Mexican facturas because we are not a Mexican business, we only write about Mexico. We will provide you an invoice in US Dollars for your advertising.

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