Our advertising with PVDN is working so well that we have stopped all other advertising.

PVDN is the most read English news source for expats and travelers to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our website welcomes over 3,000 readers every day with over 4,000 daily page views. That’s 90,000 readers and 120,000 page views a month, which results in 120,000 banner impressions every month because our advertisers receive permanent ad placement on every page of our website! We do not rotate banners, our advertisers are seen by all 90,000 monthly visitors.

Proof is in the numbers (represents one day site traffic)

We keep our advertising locations low with only 5 advertisers for our entire site. This offers better visibility to our advertisers and a cleaner look for our readers to keep them coming back. Our goal is to not create ad blindness, that isn’t good for our business or yours.

Advertiser must provide advertisement or our graphic department can design an advertisement at an extra cost. Banner locations and costs are shown below.

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Positions as indicated in chart below:

Banner #1: This banner is 725X90 and displayed at the top of our website on every page. Our banners are not rotated, so the lucky advertiser in this spot will always have their business promoted to 100% of our visitors.

Banners #2 – #5: These 4 banners are 300X250 in size and shown on every page of our website. Banners are not rotated, so advertisers here will have their banner seen by every visitor on our website. Our right side column, where these banners are displayed, is called a ‘sticky sidebar’ because the sidebar ‘sticks’ in view of the website visitor as they scroll down the page. For this reason, all 4 positions preform exceptionally well.

Banner Costs:

We make pricing very simple. All 5 positions available are $100 USD a month, billed monthly. Or discounted at $510 USD for 6 months and $800 USD for a full year. That’s the best deal in advertising you will find for 120,000 banner impressions every month! We do offer special summer rates at 15% discounts for the months of May – September. While our website traffic remains steady throughout the year, we understand less of the readership is local during those months.

Payment Details:

PVDN is a U.S. based news company by GoGo Gringos, a marketing company dedicated to the promotion of Mexico as a tourist destination for Americans. All payments are made via PayPal to our marketing company in the U.S.

Banner Positions Diagram:

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