"Our advertising with PVDN is working so well that we have stopped all other advertising."

Truth about Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising is a crowded field that is pulling internet users in different directions, so it’s no surprise that banners only receive a small .6% – 1% click-through rate. This means your banner will probably only receive one click for every 1500 times it is displayed on a website. With this low conversion rate, you want to advertise with the highest traffic websites for the best return on your investment, that is where PVDN can be the best choice for your advertising budget.

PVDN is the most read English news site in Puerto Vallarta and among the top 5 sites in ALL websites specializing in the Puerto Vallarta market. More traffic = More clicks.

PVDN actually receives more web traffic than Puerto Vallarta’s OFFICIAL tourism website!

While .6% – 1% seems like a small return on investment, it’s actually inline with print advertising effectiveness. The advantage in Internet Advertising is that your business or product is one click away, as to where in print advertising, your potential client needs to commute to your business or open their computer and type your URL, making it less likely in today’s time-crunch. FUN FACT: Based on PVDN readership, we actually have a larger circulation than any local print publication!

What’s in the numbers?

PVDN is the most read English news source for expats and travelers to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico according to Alexa. Our website receives an average of 38,000 visitors WEEKLY, with 55,000 WEEKLY page views! That’s 200,000 banner impressions each month for our advertisers.

MobileĀ  and Future Ready:

PVDN is one of the only English news sites that is considered ‘mobile friendly’ by Google. That’s important to advertisers because nearly 60% of internet users access websites from mobile devices. Have you ever tried viewing another leading English news site in Puerto Vallarta from your phone? Not a very good experience for mobile users or advertisers. Our ability to outgrow longstanding news sites in the area has been based on our ability to foresee changes in technology, positioning ourselves for a long-term stay in the Puerto Vallarta news industry and gaining readership of millennials, the fastest growing base of consumers and travelers in Puerto Vallarta.

Banner Positions and Costs

Banner costs listed under graphic below. All banners are priced in 6 month increments, discounts may apply for 12-month commitments.

Advertising Costs

Banner Advertising:

All banners are sold in 6-month increments. Your banner is shown on EVERY page and NOT rotated with other advertising. Your banner is seen by 100% of our visitors, every time!

Top Banner – $10,000 pesos / 6 months
Banner #1 – $9,000 pesos / 6 months
Banner #2 – $9,000 pesos / 6 months
Banner #3 – $7,000 pesos /6 months
Banner #4 – $7,000 pesos / 6 months
In-Article Banner – $16,000 pesos / 6 months


Advertorials are available for publication at $1,000 pesos each, for content written by the advertiser. Your advertorial will be promoted on our social networks just like a regular news story. Your advertorial will not expire, meaning it’s published on our website for life, including links to your business or product that is included in your advertorial. If you wish for PVDN to write your advertorial, the pricing can range from $1,800 pesos – $2,800 pesos, depending on the length of the content.

All payments are made via PayPal to our marketing company in the U.S.

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