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For nearly a decade, PVDN has worked to create a more informed community. Today, we are the most read English news site in Puerto Vallarta, and one of the top sites nationally in Mexico. And none of this would be possible without readers and supporters like you. We accept sponsorships and donations from businesses and private citizens around the globe who support the important role that local media plays in their community with an informed public.

Our Business Sponsors

Please support our business sponsors

If you would like to become a business sponsor with PVDN and have your business and website listed here, commit to a yearly donation of $100.00 USD to support local news. Start the donation process here

PVDN Supporters

Individuals who commit to yearly donations to PVDN

Judith Wolfe
M. Johnson
June Anderson
Jeanne Cantrill
Donald Hallberg
Heidi Snowden
Kim Mackenthun
Kim Dunlop
Suzanne French-Smith
Frank Jacobs
John Culley
John Warren
Mark McCready Boudreaux
Tom Lichty
Len Anderson
Gerald Lupu
John Hould

Paula Schmitt
Ben Schafer
Ron Allen
Barbara Lundberg
Ron Tjaden
Les Wheeler
Thomas Snyder
Carey Chitrena
June L Brent
Peter Bezrucik
Mary Heeney
Terry Altemus
Ken Haycock
Keith Buy
Thomas Matheson
Terry Edwards

Sharon Rose
Michael Levitt
Stanton Kizer
Brady Boyd
Mary Lou Burdick
Sydney Clark
Sarah Brinkerhoff
Steve Reynolds
Robert Largo
Brady Boyd Gregory
Joseph Rupinski
Gerald Meyers
Dennis Saffer
Maria Heald
Hugo Garcia
William B. Ellison
Pamela Gaynor

If you would like to become a PVDN Supporter, commit to a yearly donation of $25.00 USD to support local news. Start the donation process here

2021 Donations

Individuals who have made a one-time donation to PVDN

Stanley Raine
John Rochester
Daniel Mapes
Ronald Parker
Mary Reeve
Rodger John Collins-Wright
Brady Switzer
Robert Veeneman
Thomas Nadeau
Herald Kane
Michael Miller
Jonathan Spilkin
Christina Fritsch

David Barrows
Mark Arthur Boudreau
Miranda Reeves
Pam Hoffman
Johnathon White
Ronald Hiatt
Leslie Locke
Craig Capone
David Speidel
Jeffrey Bricker
Patricia Lestz
Richard Ditton
Robert White
Michael Brady

Gary West
Connie Clark
Sharon Hall
John Gayle
John Gallagher
Martin Bruhl
Donald Semi
John Campbell
Richard Locke
Donald Bieghler
Roy McKnight
Michael Ramirez
Jared Grymaloski
Corrine Einzig

Our individual donors have contributed $25 – $250 to help support local media and PVDN, and every donation has made a huge difference!

How is your money spent?

I have owned and operated PVDN for the past seven years as an independent website operator (meaning I have had no help). For seven years I have published local, national, and international news of interest nearly every day to provide information to the people of Puerto Vallarta, and those who keep our city in their hearts from a distance.

In 2021, I decided to seek donations and sponsorships from local businesses and individuals who wish to support local and independent news organizations, such as PVDN.

Your contribution to PVDN helps with three main functions of local news:

  1. Contributions are used to hire LOCAL writers to provide better content. (I have been the only writer for seven years)
  2. Community funding will, hopefully, lead to a period of time where I can reduce or eliminate advertising on PVDN (no one hates ads more than me, but they are critical to cover my costs at this moment.
  3. Contributions help pay for operating costs (web server, newsletter delivery, internet, lights, etc.)

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