Buying a Car in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Requires “Good Cheer”

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  1. Steve

    In PV any cars you see advertised as “semi-nuevos” should be correctly advertised as “todo abusados”. Well, you get the idea….
    Not only are the streets incredibly hard on cars, the local people and govts seem to relish adding topes and bolas to the myriad of holes.
    Not to mention how most locals drive – from the burro to the carro – with no lessons in between.
    Legalizing a foreign car is more difficult now than it used to be – well not all cases, but to make a special trip to PHX to purchase a “good” vehicle and drive it back will cost you at least US$3000.00 for expenses (and yes, for that trip you need to consider all daily expenses including food). If you are in the US and are coming here anyway, then the importation cost is really only for the broker, Aduana and Repuve. Then you at least start out with a “better” car – maybe.
    As with ALL used cars – you never really know how it was treated before it becomes yours.

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