Daylight Savings Time 2022: When does the time change in Mexico?

Like every year, Spring means we adjust our clocks ahead one hour, better known as summertime. In that sense, we remind you of when to expect the change in times.

In most of Mexico, with the exception of some border entities, the time change occurs on the first Sunday of April, and then again on the last Sunday of October.

On this occasion, on Sunday, April 3, all clocks will have to be put forward one hour, although most modern devices will adjust automatically.

It is recommended to adjust your clocks the night before, on Saturday, since at 2:00 am on Sunday the adjustment will be official, and then it will be 3:00 am.

Clocks will be set back one hour on Sunday, October 30.

The cities along the border with the U.S. maintain time changes with the United States for commerce purposes, so clocks already changed on the second Sunday of March, and will change again on the first Sunday of November.

On March 13, the time changed in two states of Mexico for tourist and economic reasons, which are: Sonora and Quintana Roo, as well as 33 cities of 5 entities denominated as border zone.

In border cities, that is, those that operate with US time, it was applied from Sunday, March 13, and it will be until Sunday, November 6, when clocks are set back one hour.

Summer Time emerged in 1996 with the support of the initiative to save energy by taking advantage of a little more sunlight and thus reduce electricity costs.

According to the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), time changes affect people’s physical, emotional and intellectual performance. In children, it can alter their sleep cycle and the need to eat food, while in the elderly it can also alter their rest and cause episodes of anxiety and insomnia.

The Secretary of Energy (Sener) of the federal government recommends in each modification period, moving the hands of the clock from the night before, and before going to sleep, to wake up on Sunday with the new schedule.

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