Michelin announces new $510 mil plant in Mexico

Michelin today announced plans to build a production facility in the center of Mexico to manufacture high-end tires for passenger cars and light trucks.

The first tires are expected to come off the production line in fourth-quarter 2018. The new plant in León
(Guanajuato state) is the Group’s 21st in North America and 69th worldwide. Its location reflects Michelin’s
commitment to producing its tires as close as possible to the markets in which they are sold.

The construction of the 142,000-square-meter plant, which represents an investment of €450 million ($510
million), is expected to begin in second-half 2016. Once completed, the León plant will be ramped up gradually. During the initial production phase, it is expected to manufacture four to five million tires a year for
Michelin customers with plants in the region as well as for the large north-american domestic market, which
has been enjoying strong growth in recent years.

“Michelin is building this plant to respond both to sharp growth in Mexico’s automobile market and to the
confidence that the world’s largest car manufacturers have put in us,” said Jean-Dominique Senard, Chief
Executive Officer of the Michelin Group, which is headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France. “The largest
investment approved by the Group in 2016, the new plant reflects our ability to take advantage of growth
opportunities in the dynamic North American market and to make our manufacturing operations more agile by
deploying tire ranges that integrate innovative technology.”

Most of these high-performance tires will be produced for the original equipment segment. The plant’s location
was chosen because it is just a three-hour drive from the production facilities of 18 large car manufacturers
with operations in Mexico. These short distances mean that the tires will be delivered to Michelin’s customers
faster and more cost effectively, thereby reducing the Group’s carbon footprint and helping it to meet its
environmental objectives.

“We’re pleased to strengthen our industrial presence in Mexico, thereby being able to satisfy the needs of
North American car manufacturers and motorists looking for high-quality tires that are perfectly adapted to
their usage conditions,” said Mike Boggs, director of Michelin Mexico.

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