Puerto Vallarta Bans Circuses with Animal Performances

During a City Council meeting earlier this month, the full council approved article 234-bis, a law that prohibits the city from approving licences to establishments that use animal performances. The law states that no temporary or permanent license will be issued to any establishment that uses any animal, of any species, for show or entertainment purposes.

Roberto Ascencio Castillo, Municipal Trustee, said that circuses are a place where children are taken for entertainment, but there is a darker reality hidden from all the colors and joys.

“The idea that it should be entertaining to watch animals being coerced and acting clumsy while being trained to be submissive is an old idea of showing man vs. beast and showing that man is more superior,” said Castillo.

On December 11, Mexico’s Congress passed a national ban on circus animals that is awaiting the presidents signature, however the new city law in Puerto Vallarta that was passed on December 3 goes further in banning all establishments using any live animal of any species in performances. It’s unknown what kind of previsions in the new city law has been given to bullfighting and the use of horse shows that are very popular during national holiday celebrations in Mexico.

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