Puerto Vallarta Celebrates International Civil Aviation Day

On a cold Chicago winter day on December 7, 1944, Mexico and 52 other nations came together to establish The Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, establishing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel.

Today Puerto Vallarta, and the rest of the world, celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the International Civil Aviation organization.

The event held at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport included city, state, federal, civil aviation, and military together with the presentation of the intrepid team of paratroopers.

Also, US pilots joined Mexican pilots in their planes for an airshow that left local onlookers amazed by their skills and flying stunts.

While Puerto Vallarta Daily News received some concern about planes swooping and flying low over elementary schools and residential areas, the performance completed without incident.

The festivities included mariachi bands, dancing, and military salutes, attended by Mayor Ramón Guerrero Martínez.

4 Responses
  1. Creo que está bien que festejen su día…. Pero también creo que es prudente que lo hagan sobre el mar…. Hay mucho! Y no sobre el aeropuerto y sus alrededores! Hay tres escuelas ….. Es un peligro creo que deberían ser más prudentes, con todo respeto!

  2. Tonya Dorsey

    It was scarry to drive by school and watch a plane nose dive down over te pkayground. Not a smart or safe decision from the officials when we are so close to the bay where the stunts could have been done safely.over water. Even though no error was made that caused tragedy, it very easily could have. It just makes no sense to do these stunts over schools instead of the bay that is so close. This way those who choose to have this dangerous lifestyle are the only ones with a consequense. No apology would cefise for an error over a school. Just can’t wrap my head around the logic. Too many videos on youtube and facebook show what can happen. Besides, it’s just common sense.

  3. The stunts were amazing! We loved it! However, we agree. It was pretty risky to do all these stunts within the city. A little error and many would have being affected !

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