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Crocodile attacks tourist in Nuevo Vallarta

Another crocodile attack in Bahía de Banderas this week. A 24-year old tourist from Texas was attacked on the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta near Flamingos Club. The man was treated and released from a local hospital. During the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta, the threat of crocodiles increase due to overflowing rivers that allow the animals to leave their habitat.

Sex workers being moved out of 5 de Diciembre

After years of complaints from residents in the 5 de Diciembre over the increase of sex workers in the neighborhood, the city took action to relocate the workers from Honduras and Guatemala streets. The city said that they will assist sex workers in finding other work alternatives and the recent action was taken to improve the safety and image of the tourist area.

US Sanctions individual in Puerto Vallarta with connections to cartel

Fernando Zagal Anton, of Puerto Vallarta, was sanctioned this week by the US Government for his role in the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion. Anton helps coordinate drug trafficking operations and maintains contact with cocaine suppliers in Colombia. The group has a strong presence in Puerto Vallarta and has helped in the assassinations of politicians in Puerto Vallarta.

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