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Tourists choosing Puerto Vallarta as the safe destination in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta has become fashionable and hasn’t experienced the security problems facing other major destinations in the country, said Agustin Alvarez, director of the Tourism Board of Puerto Vallarta.

“The decline of other tourist destinations such as Acapulco, has made ​​people turn to Puerto Vallarta, for security, connectivity and value,” said the director of the agency in an interview with El Universal .

He said that security is not a problem for Puerto Vallarta and stressed that its main market is the US and Canadian tourism, and with the exchange rate depreciation it has become a safe place to vacation and a great value.

He stressed that Puerto Vallarta is the second major beach destination in Mexico, behind Cancun and topping Los Cabos.

He said that besides the beach tourism, local businesses have great potential in Puerto Vallarta, as the segment grew about 200% in the last two years.

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  1. jvmurph

    I have been going to PV for 22 years & have never had any happen that was unsafe. One year when we had several friends with us, one was a retired police officer, two were US judges and one was an attorney. They were amazed how safe it was in PV & had expected it not to be. The only problem I have is with timeshare people who refuse to leave me alone.

  2. PV has been like a 2nd home to our family for years. Our oldest daughter got married there and we’ve brought many friends and family there over the years. However, our last visit was not so great. PV municipalities really need to stop allowing the dumping of sewage into that beautiful bay! We were in the PV area for a month and spent a couple days at the Best Western Plus just south of town. There was sewage blatantly being dumped from a pipe into the beautiful little cove. You could see and smell it. My husband, our 8 grown children and I all got extremely ill there. If you read reviews, we weren’t the only ones and not on just those days. We have experienced the sewage dumping into the ocean in different areas around PV and Sayulita, this was just the worst. My husband has a condition that this type of contamination could kill him. It’s a huge problem and we are sad to say that we may not be back for a long time if ever, not to mention what this contamination must be doing to the bay. This will drive away tourists! We are looking at Costa Rica now instead.

  3. More people need to come during April May and even June July. Weather is great. Don’t have any trouble getting seated in favorite restaurant. An open beach chair can still found at noon…

  4. My second home, have never felt unsafe. Love PV! You have to be aware of your surroundings regardless of where you live but the people in PV are wonderful and friendly.

    1. Devschool

      No it isn’t. Northern Nayarit is (where Acapulco is). Puerto Vallarta is in Jalisco.

      Get your facts straight before spouting garbage.

      1. Justin Loman

        Acapulco is not in Nayarit, it is in the state of Guerrero. I just want to clarify that before people think Nayarit is where the violence is happening, it’s not. Acapulco is 15 hours away from Jalisco and Nayarit.

    1. We too , we came back in Feb, wish we were still there ! still thinking of Malecon, hot sun, ocean waves, zona romantica, etc. We love t live there, think’g /planng online income. Hope one day our dream comes true. Amigos still in our heart !! Miss u PV :'(

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