Three of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World are in Mexico

This week it was announced three restaurants in Mexico were recognized at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards held June 1, at the Guildhall in London where Mexico ranked fourth on the global list of most awarded countries and tied with Italy and Peru, following only the U.S., Spain, and France. The 50 Best Restaurants Academy’s annual celebration of global gastronomy celebrates restaurants around the world for their culinary prowess based on reviews by their 1,000 members, each selected for their expertise in international gastronomy. The three restaurants recognized are:

  • Pujol in Mexico City ranked 16th, Chef Enrique Olvera: No stranger to the list, Pujol offers reinvented traditional Mexican with attention to detail. Olvera’s transcends his food into perfectly curated designs, allowing each flavor to be distinctly exposed and savored. The complexity of his sauces are phenomenal and he elevates his menu to constantly explore and push the boundaries to expand into new gastronomical territory.
  • Quintonil in Mexico City ranked 35th, Chef Jorge Vallejo: A student of Enrique Olvera, Jorge Vallejo has been hailed as a rising star for crafting dishes while committed to reducing the ecological footprint of his food. Known for focusing on fresh seasonal ingredients, forgotten herbs and grans, and indigenous produce, Quintonil sources much of its own produce from the restaurant’s urban orchard. The results are astounding dishes bursting with flavour and nutritional value.
  • Biko in Mexico City ranked 37th, Chefs Mikel Alonso, Bruno Oteiza, Gerard Bellver: Nestled in the trendy Polanco area, Biko presents a dazzling repertoire combining Basque flavours with Mexico’s fresh ingredients. The best of both countries come to life in an array of textures and tastes that break down culinary barriers and set it apart from the crowd.

Mexican gastronomy and its related industries are priority areas for development by the government of Mexico, both in terms of tourism and culture promotion as well as supporting producers, exporters, artisanal products and restaurants. These gastronomy related industries are growing faster than the overall economy and with multiple initiatives underway domestically and internationally, this trend is expected to only increase based on this week’s recognition.

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Claudia Ruíz Massieu, attended the event and shared, “This is an unprecedented honour for Mexico’s gastronomy movement. Since the UNESCO designation was awarded to Mexico and France cuisine as intangible cultural heritages, the rich flavors, diverse ingredients and cooking styles and innovative chefs have been making an indelible mark on the world. We are witnessing a moment of revolution in global gastronomy trends and Mexico is at the forefront.”

From lively markets and street food, to rich traditional preparations and flavors with thousands of years of history, and, finally, today’s modern and creative gastronomy scene, Mexico has been heralded as a foodie’s paradise. To further raise awareness and encourage experimentation with Mexican ingredients and artisanal products, Mexican gastronomy was featured for three months this year at Selfridges in London, awarded as the World’s Best Department Store for three consecutive years.

Mexico continues to expand to meet the growing demand for its food products, as well. Already the world’s largest exporter of avocado, tomato, papaya, mango, beer, tequila and mezcal, specialty products including craft beer, wines, spirits, oils, vanilla, coffee and chocolate are growing at incredible levels. These exports, combined with the thriving restaurant and foodie culture they inspire, are supporting growth amongst the millions of Mexicans involved in farming, production, food service and hospitality industries, across the country.

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