Two arrested for the murder of Canadian tourists in Riviera Maya

A man and a woman were arrested on Tuesday for the murder of two Canadian tourists in a tourist complex of the Xcaret theme park, in the Riviera Maya, in Quintana Roo, as reported by the State Attorney General’s Office in a statement.

Christian R., Mexican, and Nhu T., a foreigner (their nationality has not been revealed), have been charged with the crimes of homicide and attempted homicide, and are currently in detention until next Saturday when a judge will decide whether they should be officially charged.

On January 21, a shooting occurred in the tourist complex Xcaret theme park, located in the municipality of Solidaridad, an area with a large tourist influx within the Riviera Maya. Two 34-year-old men were killed and a woman was injured. They were part of a group of 10 Canadian tourists, including three minors.

The investigation, in which different federal and state entities have participated, as well as Interpol and the diplomatic authorities of Canada, has shown that the deceased were attacked due to a “debt” that they had due to “illegal transnational activities”. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office has indicated that the executions “began and were prepared abroad.”

According to the Prosecutor’s Office report, the attack was planned and there was “a division of tasks to carry out the execution in a coordinated manner.”

One of the detainees, Christian R., was part of a group of hitmen. Earlier this month he was commissioned to move to Quintana Roo along with two other unidentified individuals. They arrived on January 16. For three days, they were “monitoring the victim” during his tourist vacation.

They had a pass that allowed them to access the hotel where the murdered were staying. But the private surveillance of the place and the presence of police officers in the vicinity caused two of the assassins to leave the state. Christian R. informed the bosses about the departure of his colleagues, and on January 21, he received instructions to pick up another hitman at the Quintana Roo International Airport.

They immediately went to the hotel where the victims were staying. Once they had been identified, the plan began: at a quarter to three in the afternoon, Christian R. was waiting in a car while the new hitman entered the building and shot at the Canadian tourists. He managed to escape and both fled in the vehicle.

Thanks to hotel security videos and public safety recordings, on the night of January 22, agents managed to find Christian R., who was brought to justice. The other detainee, Nhu T., was part of the group of tourists to which the victims belonged and was seen with the hitman before the execution was carried out, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. There is still no information about the murderer or the other two assassins who participated in the operation.

Just two months ago, in early November, an armed commando broke into another nearby hotel and killed two people at the reception area. In October, a stray bullet in a restaurant in Tulum killed an Indian and a German tourist, in addition to injuring three other diners.

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