With only 40,000 people tested, Mexico will begin lifting restrictions on May 17

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the relaxing of restrictions in municipalities where there are no cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 will begin on May 17 and in the rest of the country, all activities will resume on June 1.

“We are going back to school and to all activities, economic and social, with the only limitation that older adults, pregnant women, people with diabetes, and hypertension have to continue taking care of themselves. In the rest of the country, this includes, of course, the large cities that are most affected the restart of activities will be June 1.”

“So that we can temper the economic, social crisis … it is not a conjecture, it is not an occurrence, it is the recommendation of a group of specialists.”

Most specialists would agree that a sampling of only 40,000 people out of 130 million wouldn’t be sufficient evidence of the trend in a pandemic. Many municipalities in Mexico have not recorded any COVID-19 tests to determine cases.

Distrust in COVID-19 reporting

Medical staff in Mexico still report that the government is misreporting cases of COVID-19 to maintain low numbers in an effort to save the economy, much of which relies on tourism, a sector that has taken the greatest economic hit in the country.

There is an unusually high number of atypical pneumonia and respiratory infection cases and deaths being reported throughout Mexico, occurrences the government continues to deny are COVID-19 cases being hidden, although health workers disagree.

Mexico has declared that they have been able to do what no other country has done, stop COVID-19 from spreading. However, UNAM has predicted that Mexico’s cases will not reach its peak for another month, just at the time the government says they will begin reopening the country.

In comparison, Mexico detected its first case of COVID-19 one month after the first case was detected in the U.S, leaving Mexico one month behind the pandemic from its northern neighbor. The U.S was faring much better on March 16 than Mexico is today, April 16, comparing the two countries based on the time that the virus has been active within their borders.

On March 16, exactly one month ago today, the U.S. reported 4,000 cases of COVID-19. In contrast, with Mexico being one month behind in the pandemic, today, Mexico has recorded 5,847 in a country a third of the size in population.

Mexico’s health secretary has already suggested that the cases are likely 8 times larger than what is being reported, and there are currently 12,000 suspected cases, those people who were not tested but have been determined to likely be COVID-19 without severe symptoms that require testing.

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