‘13 Flores’ mural unveiled at Puerto Vallarta school

As part of the ‘Ink and Pigment’ project, ‘Dr. Valentín Gómez Farías’, the mural ’13 Flores’ by the artist Adrián Takano, was presented at the 84 secondary school of Puerto Vallarta.

In the midst of an emotional event that was attended by students, parents, educational and municipal authorities, who thanked the poet Raúl Gibrán for the impetus he has given to this type of work, in addition to highlighting the talent of the artists who have left art on the walls of the educational institution.

In order to witness the unveiling of this beautiful work, councilors María Elena Curiel Preciado and Carla Helena Castro López attended on behalf of the municipal government, recognizing once again the importance of this initiative not only in the process of training the young people from Vallarta, but also to enrich the artistic and cultural activities of our port.

Previously, the director of secondary school 84, teacher José Luis Gómez Torres, welcomed the attendees, pointing out the importance of the arts, which allow human beings to express themselves in an original way through basic elements such as body, space, time, movement, sound, shape, and color, considering them structured aesthetic languages ​​to carry a message of ideas, dreams, thoughts, feelings, postures, and reflections that form the inner world of artists, specifying that works of art have the power to delight, excite, move or teach those who see them.

The promoter of the ‘Tinta y Pigmento’ project, the poet Raúl Gibrán, pointed out that the mural “13 Flores” would be the eighth piece, thanking the support of various instances to achieve its realization, as well as the talent of the painters who enhanced the project embodied in several schools in Puerto Vallarta, works that pay homage to characters from our city and their phrases. In this mural the verses are by María José Zorrilla Alcalá and by Raúl Gibrán himself.

The painter Adrián Takano explained the mystique of his mural “13 Flores”, pointing out that his inspiration for the work was art itself, the artists and the processes, the ancestral cultures, the figure of the shaman, in the parallels that exist between the artist and the shaman; being able to see beyond the perceptions of everyday life to carry a message, exploring fantasy and other realities, since while in Western society the number 13 is considered negatively charged, for our ancestors it was a sacred number.

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