September 19, 2017
death toll earthquake
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday, killing at least 273 people as buildings collapsed in plumes of dust. Thousands fled into the streets in panic, and many stayed to help rescue those trapped. The quake came less than two weeks after another quake left 90 dead in the country’s south, and it...
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puerto vallarta earthquake
As the city of Puerto Vallarta was concluding annual earthquake and tsunami drills, central Mexico was rocked by an earthquake for the second time this month. The earthquake stuck along the borders of Puebla and the State of Morelos with a 7.1 on September 19 at 1:15 PM local time. Some residents of Puerto Vallarta...
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mexico earthquake
Rescue crews and ordinary citizens searched through rubble for survivors as night fell on Tuesday on battered cities in central Mexico, including the capital, where the death toll from a major earthquake grew to at least 273. The magnitude 7.1 quake toppled dozens of buildings, broke gas mains and sparked fires less than two weeks...
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18 students with special educational needs successfully completed their instruction in the food preparation, being the first generation that is ready to integrate into the world of work. The program was a joint effort between the Deputy Directorate of Municipal Education, teachers and authorities of Special Education and parents, who seek a space for the...
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haitians mexico
Jose Luis Millan found a new crop of star employees at an upscale Tijuana car wash where customers cross the border from the U.S. to pay up to $950 to have their prized possessions steamed and scrubbed for hours. They’re never late, always hustle and come in on days off to learn new skills, traits...
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