September 12, 2018
puerto vallarta earthquake

Puerto Vallarta will practice emergency response for earthquakes and tsunamis

On September 19, Civil Protection and Firefighters in Puerto Vallarta will carry out annual drills to practice emergency response techniques during earthquakes and tsunamis. The...
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Chile approves law for transgender citizens to change official details

Chile’s congress on Wednesday approved a bill allowing people over the age of 14 to change their name and gender in official records, despite intense...
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Frozen crystal beauty in the Dead Sea

A ballerina’s tutu, submerged in the Dead Sea and “frozen” by accumulated layers of salt into a 200 kg (440 lb) crystal-like sculpture, will soon...
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mexico independence day puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta dresses up to celebrate Independence Day

Fireworks, live music, the traditional commemorative parade to the "National Day of Charro" and more activities will be offered in Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Mexico's...
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Doctors offer advice for insomnia

People who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep may want to seek advice from a doctor and avoid long-term use of sleeping pills, medical...
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Government destroys 25,300 marijuana plants in Tequila

The State of Jalisco reported that it initiated three criminal filings of 'crimes against health' for those who are responsible for the three marijuana plantations...
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Months of deadly unrest devastate Nicaragua’s economy

Two days after protests began in Nicaragua in April, a foreign auto components company was meeting at a hotel in the city of Leon when...
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Puerto Vallarta begins preventative strategy against HIV

The organization Ed Thomas Civil Association Solidarity (SETAC), dedicated to education, prevention, treatment for HIV in Puerto Vallarta, will launch the strategy of prevention against...
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Turning waste into bioplastics, Mexico strikes green gold

Tequila, avocado and corn are proving their worth beyond Mexican fiesta staples as key components for a fast-growing bioplastics market, with companies transforming waste from...
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Experts restore what might be oldest house in Mexico

The plain, one-story stone-linteled structure sat hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years behind generations of street vendors hawking goods from stands outside its...
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Jalisco is the last state in Mexico to decriminalize adultery

The crime of adultery will be removed from the Criminal Code of the State of Jalisco. The members of the Constitutional Points Commission gave their...
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On September 17, Mexico City officially leaves the Federal District behind

The last minute of September 16 will close a cycle in the history of Mexico City, as the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District (ALDF)...
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