Puerto Vallarta begins preventative strategy against HIV

The organization Ed Thomas Civil Association Solidarity (SETAC), dedicated to education, prevention, treatment for HIV in Puerto Vallarta, will launch the strategy of prevention against HIV known as Preventive-exposure in (PrEP), consisting of the use of an antiretroviral treatment in people at risk but who are not infected with the virus to avoid infection.

At a press conference, the details of this program were announced by the director of SETAC, Francisco Arjona Barbosa; Dr. Javier Mauricio Rentería Salazar, medical manager of the project and Fernando Martínez Munguía, counselor of the same.

Francisco Arjona indicated that thanks to agreements, this project was brought to Puerto Vallarta, which will be implemented for three years to provide free treatment to about 300 people who meet certain specific requirements. Currently, 30 people are piloted, so it has already been adapted to the needs in this destination.

He explained that today people living with HIV have more advanced medical treatments, so now with a single pill they have been able to bring viral levels very low, to such an extent that the virus cannot be detected, which does not mean that the person is cured, but that they can no longer transmit it to someone else.

One of these treatments began to be used in people who are negative or who do not live with HIV, as a means to avoid their infection, with positive results. He pointed out that the medicine that is administered is expensive because a bottle of 30 pills for a month, can cost around $10,400 pesos and with this project will be delivered free of charge.

“At this moment we are the only civil organization in Mexico that has this treatment, only the Condesa Specialized Clinic in Mexico City offers it, but as a civic organization, we are the only one in Mexico and in Latin America that is carrying it out,” he said, and with it, we seek to highlight the importance of prevention.

Dr. Javier Mauricio Renteria Salazar, explained that PrEP consists of the daily supply of antiretrovirals by people who do not live with HIV and its correct use reduces between 98 and 99 percent the probability of acquiring the infection even with sexual intercourse. It is recommended for people of key groups that have high vulnerability to acquire the virus and its effectiveness is related to the adherence that the user has to the treatment.

Fernando Martínez announced that the candidates to be part of this strategy should be HIV negative, that is, not have the disease, and meet any of the following situations: be a trans man or woman who have sexual relationships without protection; have sex without a condom with someone who is HIV positive and not in treatment. Not knowing if the partner with whom you have sex lives with HIV but knows that he or she could have sex with other people and those who use drugs.

For more information, those interested can go to the offices of SETAC located at Calle Aldanaca No.178, corner of Vienna, in the Versailles neighborhood, from Tuesday to Friday, from noon to 8 p.m., and Saturday of 9 a.m. morning to 2 in the afternoon, or call 224 1974.

At the start of this strategy, there will be authorities from the United Nations Population Fund, CENSIDA, the National Institute of Public Health and representatives from the Condesa Specialized Clinic in Mexico City.

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