April 26, 2022

The vacation period in Puerto Vallarta meets expectations

The Holy Week and Easter holiday period met the expectations set for Puerto Vallarta, since hotel occupancy values ​​and economic spillovers were achieved at pre-pandemic...
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Civil Protection and Firefighters in Puerto Vallarta conclude holiday operations

With a total of 619 general prevention and emergency services, the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters, closed the operational program for Holy Week and...
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Mexico says goodbye to the COVID warning system, moves to endemic state

The Ministry of Health will no longer issue any more reports on the COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, announced on...
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Dead fish continue to arrive on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta due to Red Tide

Live and dead fish continue to appear on the coast of Puerto Vallarta, a phenomenon that is attributed to natural causes and not to human...
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Mexico’s court strikes down attempt of government to collect biometric data from cellphone users

Mexico’s Supreme Court struck down on Monday a 2021 law that would have required cellphone companies to collect biometric data like fingerprints or eye scans...
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