August 15, 2022

Puerto Vallarta reinstalls memorial for female victims of violence after outrage over its unexplained removal

The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta reinstalled the memorial cross for women who were victims of violence, and Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez offered a...
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Puerto Vallarta’s women’s futbol team brings home the Copa Jalisco win

The Copa Jalisco games provided a celebration for the women's soccer (Futbal) team from Puerto Vallarta with a 3-0 win against Cuquío. The women from...
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After a weekend of violence, Mexico’s president declares one of the most peaceful weekends of his presidency

After the acts of violence recorded over the weekend in different parts of the country, particularly in Baja California, Jalisco, Guanajuato, and Chihuahua, President Andrés...
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United States and Canada issued travel alerts to 16 Mexican states

The United States and Canada issued travel alerts to 16 Mexican states after organized crime groups have attacked civilians and burned vehicles in various cities...
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Weekend storms in Puerto Vallarta kept authorities busy with prevention work

With the beginning of the rain last Friday, the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters, activated prevention and support for citizens, attending to various reports...
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