November 10, 2022

Two men assault elderly woman and steal her truck in broad daylight on main Puerto Vallarta street (VIDEO)

With people watching and driving by in broad daylight on a main street in Puerto Vallarta, two men assault an elderly woman and steal her...
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Mexico’s National Guard fills the security gap as Puerto Vallarta city council hasn’t funded local police adequately

Street patrolling has been reduced in Puerto Vallarta and the use of police cars is ordered only in the case of responding to emergency calls....
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Puerto Vallarta won’t have any available gravesites available by the year’s end

In Puerto Vallarta, there are only a few dozen spaces to bury the remains of Vallartans, so it is estimated that by the beginning of...
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The prestige of Puerto Vallarta is on the rise

Thanks to the joint work of everyone involved in the Puerto Vallarta tourism sector, both companies and authorities and, of course, all the workers who...
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The tripledemic that threatens Mexico this winter: Covid, RSV, Influenza

Currently, in practically all of Europe, as well as in some cities in the US and Canada, there has been a considerable increase in infections,...
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