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Bohemia Viva, will present ‘A Night in Argentina’ for their final concert of the season

Vallarta’s favorite Argentine duo, Bohemia Viva, will present ‘A Night in Argentina’ for their final concert of the season at Incanto on Wednesday, April 26th at 8:00.

Their beautiful harmonizing vocals, coupled with the infusion of various guitar styles and original music combine to create their popular and unique sound. Singing in English, Spanish and Italian, they blend stories of travel, cultural experiences and their Latin heritage to weave a special connection with their audiences through music, culture and wine. There will be a wine reception on Incanto’s riverside terrace before the show. Early reservations are recommended.

After a successful series of concerts last year in the USA, the fiery Latin musical duo, Bohemia Viva returned to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for their 4th season. Harmonizing and blending their unique vocals with the acoustic infusion of the guitar, Andrea Mottura and Luis Lujan are one of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite performance duos.

Multilingual in English, Spanish and Italian, Andrea and Luis have created a fabulous connection with their audiences through song, stories and emotions. Originating from Argentina, Bohemia Viva has toured throughout Latin America, Italy, the USA and have completed their season of entertaining audiences at The Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta.

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People love Andrea and Luis because they on FIRE with wonderful energy, incredible voices, and eclectic style. With beautiful acoustic Latin rhythms combined with rich, artful, sensual harmonies, Bohemia Viva ignites the stage with their versions of modern favorites and timeless classics.

Luis and Andrea harmonize and blend together effortlessly in beautiful and imaginative arrangements. Introducing their Spanish songs to English speakers, they convey the meaning of their music to their multicultural audiences.
With imaginative arrangements, Bohemia Viva gives each song an interesting twist. With poise and drama they relate each song in a natural, yet poignant way. Their incredible enthusiasm for communicating their music is genuine and reciprocated by the audience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the exciting music of Bohemia Viva in their final two performances before they head to the U.S. for summer shows. You can purchase tickets by going to