Five women and teenage girl rescued from kidnappers in Puerto Vallarta

Elements of the Investigative Police of the State Prosecutor’s Office arrived at a property in Puerto Vallarta where they located five women and a 15-year old girl who reported they had been kidnapped.

It is believed that the minor named, Jazmin, a foreigner, left her home about a week ago, during which time she sent messages to her parents telling them that she had run away and not to look for her. However, later the girl informed her parents that she had been kidnapped, drugged, and abused.

The investigations took the agents of the Prosecutor’s Office to an address located on the corner of Emiliano Zapato and Heroes de la Patria of the Valentín Gómez Farías neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta where they managed to rescue the child and five other women, one of whom had a baby in their arms. All the women had reported that they were kidnapped and being held against their will.

At least 10 suspects were arrested, however, the authorities have not formally detailed any information.

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