Generation Z rebels against excessive work with Quiet Quitting

It is no secret that younger generations are becoming more willing to take care of their mental health and take time for themselves, for this reason, an interesting trend has emerged on Tiktok in recent weeks about the rebellion against overwork, it is Quiet Quitting.

In recent years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the younger generations have been learning that their value as people does not depend on their work, so it is not worth spending all their time working, they prefer to give priority to their family and friends; in addition to the fact that many people have rethought their employment relationship by looking at the benefits of the Home Office and discovering the time lost in office hours.

But it is not about giving up work or refusing to do certain activities due to laziness or disobedience, but rather it is about giving up all extra tasks and doing the job they are paid for so as not to sacrifice the most valuable parts of life by overworking and going above and beyond their job requirements.

It is a trend in which no one tries more than what is required in their job. The objective is to make employers respect the schedules established in the employees’ contracts, while they only do the tasks for which they were hired, within their time, without giving away overtime.

A TikTok video about quiet quitting posted in July by @zkchillin (now @zaidleppelin) went viral. Many TikTok users shared their own experiences in response, and #quietquitting has already gained close to 8.2 million views.

According to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, in the last year, 54 percent of workers born after 1989 have decided to go to work only to do the minimum after years of saying yes to everything, with such to make ourselves noticed, we have learned to say no, the newspaper highlighted.

Today many users have joined to provide their perspective on the subject, supporting the benefits and consequences of Quiet Quitting; There are also those who, with a touch of humor, mention that it is not advisable to take work home, not to arrive earlier or leave later than your regular time.

Occupational psychologists from the United States assure that the new meaning of the term Quiet Quitting is to do the work for which they were hired and put barriers on the workload, some experts consider that this trend is a response to the culture of hustle and exhaustion; employees are quitting going above and beyond and declining to do tasks for which they are not paid.

In short, this whole movement highlights the importance of prioritizing personal care, rather it means putting a stop to extra tasks for which there is no financial compensation and instead they take time to enjoy the things in life such as traveling, spending time with friends, family and focus on your inner peace. Those who promote Quiet Quitting, want more and more employers to respect the working hours established in the contract and pay what is fair for activities that exceed those limits.

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