Guadalajara’s Pennywise Street Performer Suffers Attack and Robbery

Guadalajara, Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Daily News) – Pennywise, a chilling character created by renowned American author Stephen King in the novel ‘It’, is known for instilling fear in a group of seven friends through supernatural means.

In the story, Pennywise the dancing clown’s mere image is enough to paralyze onlookers. However, a different scenario unfolded in Guadalajara when a man impersonating Pennywise was attacked, beaten, and robbed of his day’s earnings, which he made by taking selfies with people who tipped him for the experience.

Pedro, the street performer behind the Pennywise persona, reported that on Sunday night, a group of men, who appeared to be homeless immigrants, approached him, struck him in the head with a stone, and stole his money. In an interview with a local news station, Pedro revealed that the thieves made off with 300 pesos—his entire day’s earnings. In the nearly 10 years he has been performing in the city square, he had never encountered such an incident. Red Cross paramedics treated him for his head injury.

Pedro adopted the clown guise to earn tips from pedestrians after losing his job. Now, he spends his days “frightening” people for a few coins in downtown Guadalajara and the Chapultepec area.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the alleged attackers, and no arrests have been made.

Despite the incident, Pedro expressed goodwill towards the men who stole from him and acknowledged that all he could do was return to work.

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