Happy International Cat Day: Why is it celebrated three days every year?

The cat is the most popular and most loved feline by people, so of course, it has its own international day of recognition, although as any cat owner can confirm, for a cat, every day is cat day.

However, there may be confusion regarding the date of celebration, since the cat has more than one special day.

Why is “Cat Day” celebrated on August 8?

This date was designated by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in 2002. The name of this date is ‘International Cat Day’ and the reason why they chose this date is that during this date cats are in the fertile season in the northern hemisphere area.

“The International Fund for Animal Welfare established International Cat Day with a reminder to everyone with a beloved feline in their life: Your furry friend can be a cold-blooded killer! Many of us love cats and enjoy having them in our lives. They are a source of company, comfort, and fun, but in many parts of the world, domestic cats can represent a real nuisance or danger to wildlife”, reads the message published by the organization that started this celebration.

What are the other days of celebration for the cat?

As we mentioned, there are two more days, one of them and the best known is February 20 and another is October 29.

Cat Day on February 20:

Its origin lies in a very popular fact that happened in the United States. In 2009 Socks, the cat of former US President Bill Clinton was euthanized. It is known that this mascot was part of the white house from 1993 to 2009. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the former president, was the one who stood next to Socks, and countless times this animal caught the attention of the media.

Cat Day on October 29:

It was born as a result of an act of awareness in the United States. Colleen Paige created National Cat Day on this date with the goal of achieving a total of 10,000 cat adoptions every year on that day. The adoption of stray cats was the main reason for this celebration.

Unlike the other days, in Europe, they take this day as a reference for the celebration of the kittens.

An extra celebration:

Only in the West is the celebration held three times a year, but in the case of Russia, the situation changes. This country also has a special day for this animal and they have taken March 1 as a commemorative date for the domestic feline. It turns out that in this region cats are one of the most revered and loved animals. It is the country with the highest rate of cat owners in the world. Fun fact, the United States and Ukraine round out the top three.

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