Jalisco will weaken the COVID-19 ’emergency button’ response

The “Emergency Button”, which was designed to completely stop all non-essential activities, will be redesigned to only stop entertainment activities at night and on weekends, the governor announced.

“The design is going to be rethought so that when we stop, it is without significantly affecting economic activity, but rather stopping social life and recreational activities that are causing us the most problems,” he said.

The original plan designed by the Governor of Jalisco was to completely shut down non-essential activities for 14-days if hospital occupancy rose above 50%, or if 400 infections per million inhabitants were recorded.

Víctor Manuel González Romero, former Rector of the UdeG, assured that Jalisco has already exceeded the incidence of 400 infections per million inhabitants.

The specialist published on social networks that the incidence of infections by the date of onset of symptoms is 457 per million inhabitants, 57 more than the limit established by the Government. Hospital occupancy is at 30.3%.

“Weekly cases per million inhabitants are above the critical value, they should already push the emergency button, “the academic posted on Twitter.

In his publication, he acknowledges that he does not agree to stop the Jalisco economy for 14 days, but he does criticize the fact that the Government does not respect its own agreements promised if citizens did not follow guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It won’t be until Sunday before the government decides whether or not to activate the emergency button and what that would mean for some non-essential businesses.

The Governor reported that although infections are still on the rise, hospitalization has been maintained, which gives room for maneuver, which he attributed to the number of tests carried out, although, tests are only given to people with symptoms.

He added that, based on the idea of ​​the emergency button – three weeks ago – the specialists of the Health Board carried out an analysis of where the infections occur.

“Closing the sources of employment will have no effect on the reduction of infections, because (there) only 30% of infections occur.” While the rest were spread in non-work activities. Although, the Governor didn’t provide statistics of how many people were infected at businesses that were not their workplace, such as at restaurants, in shopping malls, mercados, or attending church services.

The Governor is expected to announce return to school plans for the State next week.

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