Mexico is a World Leader in Paper Recycling

Mexico is one of the world leaders in paper recycling, ranked sixth above nations like Germany, Spain and the UK , according to statistics from the National Chamber of Industrial cellulose and Paper.

Mexico generates nearly 22 million tons of paper per year, of which over 80% comes from recycled material. The remaining 20% is obtained from both domestic and foreign trees. This means that for every ton produced, 57% is reused. This is definitely a breakthrough, considering that in 2006 only 45% was reused.

Wilfrido Rincon, head of the “Mexican Paper Chamber” declared that 40 years ago 530,000 tonnes of paper were recycled, and today the number has increased to 5 million tonnes (which is still far from ideal). Currently, we are seeking to develop new sustainable sources to extract cellulose fibers from grass instead of trees.

The recycling of paper in Germany is 72.4%, in the UK is 77.1% and in Spain 73%, while in countries such as France and Japan is only 62%.

It is estimated that for every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees are saved from logging. In addition to the environmental benefits, recycling generates savings of up to 12 million cubic meters per year in disposal sites and this extends the life of landfills.

Puerto Vallarta News

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