Mexico’s Senate approved the prohibition of nuclear weapons

Mexico’s Senate approved the prohibition of nuclear weapons, with which Mexico commits to take action against, such as the expulsion of the North Korean ambassador, Kim Hyong Gil.

The Senate called this treaty one of the most important votes in this legislature.

The commissions of External Relations and National Defense emphasized that nowadays there are 17,300 nuclear warheads in the hands of nine countries, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, India , Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

With 80 votes in favor, zero against and zero abstentions, the plenary session approved the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted by the UN on July 7, making Mexico the fourth country to join that mechanism.

Signatory nations commit to not develop, acquire, store, use or threaten to use nuclear weapons or other atomic explosive devices and will enter into force once 50 member countries of the UN have ratified the agreement.

On the rostrum, Senators Laura Angélica Rojas, Marcela Guerra and Alejandro Encinas affirmed that what has been approved is one of the most important treaties ratified by this legislature, because it commits Mexico to reject the proliferation of nuclear weapons, especially at a juncture where threats from countries such as North Korea can affect peace.

The president of the National Defense Commission, Fernando Torres Graciano, said that Mexico has stood out in international politics, by standing firm in its position to eradicate the arms race that threatens humanity.

“Instead of resistance to nuclear disarmament, governments should promote programs to address the most important problems in the world, such as poverty and hunger.”

In its Article 1, the Treaty establishes an express prohibition to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess or store nuclear weapons and / or nuclear explosive devices.

Itt also prohibits the direct or indirect transfer of these weapons or artifacts, the threat of use, assistance, encouraging any activity of this type, and allowing the installation and deployment of nuclear weapons in their territory or in any place under its jurisdiction or control.

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