Mexico City Cabbies Not Amused With Order to Paint Cars Pink

Every few years Mexico City’s taxis are required to repaint their vehicles, at their own expenses, with the city choosing the mandatory colors. Many cabbies joke that the mayor’s brother must own a paint company in Mexico, but there is not any jokes with this year’s new color announcement.

All 140,000 licensed taxis will be required to paint their vehicles “Rosa Mexicana” a color very similar to Pepto Bismol.

Taxi drivers are not only fuming about the color choice or the cost of a new paint job, they are also fuming over the confusion the one color system will cause. Currently Mexico City has white, gold, red, and green colored taxis. White taxis are associated with a taxi stand or company that can be telephoned for pickup, considered the safest taxis in a city where pirate or unlicensed drivers attempt to pick up fares on the street. One of the largest reasons for the city to require frequent color changes is to cut down on the pirate operators.

The gold and red taxis are “street taxis” that are hailed on the streets without any set location of operation. The green taxis are older models and typically the dirtiest and most unsafe with bad reputations. However the color coding is being eliminated and all taxis will operate under one color.

With the announcement of pink taxis, the city also announced all buses will be painted purple.

In Mexico City there is also an uproar over the introduction of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services organized by phone apps cutting into taxi earnings, an issue that might make the uproar over the taxi colors moot as ridesharing gains popularity.

20 Responses
  1. Jesus give it a break JJ kiss my ass. Yes it is a Mexican thing. Mexican love the wildest colors. Have you even been to barrios or just your gated communities. Ok dumb to me normal to a Mexican. Mexicans have they’re own way of doing things.

  2. It’s no secret that dumb people stretch across the globe. We see them every day and the internet has given us the guarantee of dealing with at lease one every day hahaha However there are also cities in every country with pink taxis, it’s not a Mexican thing at all. In fact the taxi image in the story is in the USA, obviously there isn’t any photos of them in Mexico yet because they have not been painted :D

    1. I “think” the idea is to bring some Mexican culture to a big international city. The color Mexicana Rosa is very popular in Mexico and in places where you can actually paint your house something other than white, this color lines the streets of many neighborhoods. But it is a little “Mary Kay” hahah

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