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Mexico ranks 6th in world tourism, up two spots from 2016

Recently, the World Tourism Organization, a body of the United Nations (UN), announced that Mexico rose two places in the world ranking from eighth place in 2016 with 35.1 million international tourists to the sixth place with 39.3 million in 2017, an increase of 12% compared to tourists who arrived in 2016.

According to the “OMT Panorama of International Tourism 2017”, it indicates that the first place for the arrival of international tourists is occupied by France with 86.9 million, the second place Spain, with 81.8 million, in third place the United States, with 75.9 million, China in fourth place with 60.7 million Italy in fifth place with 58.3 million and Mexico, as indicated in sixth place with 39.3 million foreign tourists. In seventh place, UK with 37.7 million, Turkey with 37.6. million, Germany with 37.5 million and in tenth place Thailand with 35.4 million international tourists.

The UNWTO also indicated that the United States maintained the first place in international tourism revenue in 2017, registering 210.7 billion dollars; Spain retained the second place with 68.0 billion dollars, and France repeated the third place with an income of 60.7 billion dollars. In fourth place was Thailand, with 57.5 billion dollars; in fifth place is the United Kingdom, with 51.2 billion dollars; Italy was sixth, posting 44.2 billion dollars; Australia is the seventh place, with 41.7 billion dollars; in eighth place Germany with 39.8 billion dollars; in ninth place is Macao (China), with 35.6 billion dollars, and finally, in the tenth place is Japan, with 34.1 billion dollars.

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