People of Jalisco Support Medical Marijuana Usage

The liberal political party of Mexico, Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) has began a public campaign to grow support of marijuana usage for medical reasons and to decriminalize marijuana up to 30 grams. The PRD overwhelmingly supports the legalization of drugs in Mexico.

Currently marijuana usage for medical conditions is illegal and set by the federal government. Possession of marijuana up to 5 grams has been decriminalized by the federal government. Drug laws are a federal issue in Mexico and not regulated by the states.

This past week, the Jalisco State PRD political party organized public opinion polls in the State of Jalisco, including Puerto Vallarta, allowing individuals 15 years old and older to participate in answering two opinion questions.

1. Do you support legalizing marijuana for medical usage?

2. DO you support increasing the decriminalized possession law from 5 grams to 30 grams?

60% of participants in the State of Jalisco supported medical marijuana usage, and by the same margin, 60% opposed increasing the possession limit to 30 grams.

The public opinion poll does not change any laws in Mexico or the State of Jalisco, nor does it represent the Jalisco electorates. The opinion poll was made available to minors and those not eligible to vote, including foreigners, and holds no legal consequences or influence.

The purpose of the public opinion poll was to provide the PDR party with a snapshot of public support for the issue they plan to tackle later this year in the State of Jalisco Congress. The debate isn’t expected to change laws because the federal government has jurisdiction over drug laws in the country. Recently the President of Mexico announced he does not support the legal sale of marijuana.

7 Responses
    1. No need to be rude, around here everyone is welcome to give their opinion without being told to shut up or being harassed for their views. We click like on everyone’s comments not because we agree with their statement, but because we like that they are practicing their right to a free opinion. You know people in the media end up dead and missing in Mexico because of their opinions? So we welcome those with courage either way. :) don’t ever try to silence someone’s opinion here, please.

  1. I am not in favor as the word MEDICAL is a cover up for recreational users…and…this is a very bad poll…The poll does not represent the electorate and is not a vote to change laws. Minors were able to give their opinion, as well as foreigners and individuals who do not have residency in the state.

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