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You may submit a press release for publication on PVDN for a publication fee of $15.00 USD. Businesses who choose to be company sponsors of PVDN can post press releases for free. (Become a Business Sponsor of PVDN)

Knowing the difference between a press release and a sponsored post.

A press release is an official statement about a specific newsworthy event or matter, such as an announcement to inform the public that a company has hired a new staff member, changed their address, or hosting a specific event or promotion. This includes entertainment venues that want to publish announcements for upcoming shows. ‘See this show at our bar this weekend’ is a press release.

A sponsored post is an article about a specific industry, not a public announcement. Sponsored posts are articles that are not specific to one event or time-sensitive. A sponsored post, for example, might be an article ‘The top 5 things to do in Puerto Vallarta’ that describes 5 activities that tourists can do in the city. It’s lifestyle news, but perhaps, the publisher is a local tour company and the article links to the tour company’s packages. Or a real estate company might want to publish an article about ‘How to choose the right property for a vacation home’, then provide links to the real estate company’s website. Sponsored posts are articles written to be informative and not perceived as a sales pitch. If you think your press release is actually a sponsored post, you need to contact us, because sponsored posts are $199.00 USD for publication.

If you are sure you are submitting a press release, you can begin the process below. You will be redirected to pay the $15.00 USD publication fee.

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