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Puerto Vallarta has 6 of the Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants in Mexico

Café Des Artistes, Vista Grill, Ocean Grill, Bistro Teresa, Le Kliff and Trío are the winning restaurants of the category “Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mexico”, according to the well-established website TripAdvisor.

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Puerto Vallarta marks itself off from other destinations not only because of it’s incredible places, but also for offering a gastronomy with international prestige. For this reason, the popular social network for travel critics around the world, TripAdvisor, has published the results of its famous “Traveler’s Choice 2014”. In the category “Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mexico”, 6 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta were considered to be among the best throughout Mexico.

This distinction is not only made because of the good quality and service of the mentioned establishments, but also thanks to a suitable approach of brand management and effective marketing strategies that increase their prestige.

The strategic reputation management of a company in the tourism sector is of great importance because of the high investment that is made and received back. This actions lead to practice, creating results that not only affect the ambience of the restaurant positively, but also the reputation of the whole destination, just like in this case the gastronomy sector in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In the following, I will list the 10 best restaurants, distinguished by TripAdvisor in the category of Mexico


1. Oh Lala – Playa del Carmen

2. Café Des Artistes – Puerto Vallarta

3. Vista grill – Puerto Vallarta

4. Ocean Grill – Puerto Vallarta

5. Bistro Teresa – Puerto Vallarta

6. El Farallón, Capella Pedregal – Cabo San Lucas

7. Pujol – Ciudad de México

8. Le Kliff – Puerto Vallarta

9. Trío – Puerto Vallarta

10. Imprevist – Playa del Carmen

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