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Puerto Vallarta Institute of Culture calls on local filmmakers

The Vallarta Institute of Culture has announced the first ‘Vallarta Short Film Exhibit’ and has called on local young filmmakers to produce short films using Puerto Vallarta as the backdrop.

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The short film expo will be part of a presentation by filmmaker Rita Basulto speaking to aspiring filmmakers about moviemaking in Mexico. Basulto is known as the director of ‘Zimbo’, ‘Rain in the Eye’, and ‘The Eighth Day of Creation’, as well as a writer and animator.

Eight short film festival entries will be chosen for screening on June 26 at 7:00 pm at the auditorium located at the Culture Center of Rio Cuale. Entries should not be any longer than 10 minutes, including credits, and should be submitted by June 24 in DVD format at the offices of the Vallarta Institute of Culture. The subject of short films are open with the requirements the filmmaker must live in Puerto Vallarta, the film must have been made within the last two years, and filmed in Puerto Vallarta.

You can obtain more information by contacting