Puerto Vallarta Increasing Safety Awareness for High Season

This week Puerto Vallarta’s Civil Protection stepped up efforts to ensure residents and tourists remain safe around the city during the high season where 500,000 visitors are expected, as we reported two weeks ago. The increased awareness is part of the “Safe Winter 2014” operation.

Civil Protection calls on the people of Puerto Vallarta to help ensure everyone stays safe this holiday season by following some basic safety measures, such as not driving under the influence, performing car maintenance before a long trip, wear seat belts, and most importantly respect the speed limits.

Authorities also remind people that home burglaries are on the rise during the holiday season around the world. It’s the time of the year when people are away from their homes more often and likely to have gifts and new items stored in their homes. Take precautions and secure windows and doors before leaving your house and going to sleep at night. Many home burglaries occur during the day time in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s also recommended that home owners maintain photos of their home inventory and a list of serial numbers of valuable electronics. Securing your list online or emailing it to yourself at a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo service is the best way to ensure your list isn’t lost or stolen.

Firefighters also remind people to unplug decorations before leaving the house and before going to sleep to help prevent home fires.

It’s reminded that 066 and 089 can be dialed for emergency response and to report suspicious activity to authorities.

Puerto Vallarta is well-known for its dedication to safety for residents and tourists in the area, and they remind people that part of their success includes the participation of residents so everyone can have a safe holiday season in Puerto Vallarta.

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  1. NJrick

    I have never felt anything but safe in Puerto Vallarta, even walking around after 2AM. Taxis seem always to be on the lookout it seems. One of the simplest rules is to look and act local and not wear a watch or anything excessive. I try to discard my hotel id bracelet as well.

    1. Most of it really is PR. Still the largest search on the internet for Puerto Vallarta is “Is Puerto Vallarta Safe” so while those who live here or visit often understand it’s safe, I think the image is for those who are unsure. The city has done very well at making sure the area remains safe. I believe less crime than any other beach tourist destination in Mexico, but maybe because they do demonstrate their awareness.

    1. You are absolutely right I love here and I know that ! In every country , it starts with self awareness, actually everything I do in my life! Caught my attention for the picture, I could not relate the two concepts and your pictures and your blog are always beautifully presented! I am sorry if I ofended you!

    2. Of course not, not offended at all. We know you read all the time and we can agree that in the end we are all responsible for our safety. The police can catch the bad guys but the people need to prevent opportunities for the bad guys by being aware. :)

    3. All comments made on facebook are imported automatically to the stories. So now we have a record :) But even though that is our opinion, we try not to include our opinion within the actual news story. But as humans we have no problem giving our 2 cents in the comments section. Thanks for your continued support of our site!

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