Taxi drivers harass tourists in Puerto Vallarta

A group of taxi drivers working in Puerto Vallarta blocked an Uber driver and forced two foreign tourists traveling in the unit to get out of the car.

A video that circulated in social networks shows how at least ten taxi drivers surround the private transport unit to prevent it from transporting tourists in the city

On seeing the situation, one of the tourists got out of the car to talk with the taxi drivers, but their efforts were in vain because the drivers refused to listen and forced him and his companion to continue on their way on foot.

From the arrival of Uber to Puerto Vallarta on June 27, the taxi drivers of the city have expressed their discontent and have organized to “hunt” the drivers of the platform.

In social networks, users have expressed their support for Uber as they argue that their rates are up to 50 percent cheaper than those of taxi drivers.

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