Tlahualiles de Sahuayo perform in Puerto Vallarta as part of week-long Día de Muertos celebrations

During the sixth day of activities of the Day of the Dead Festival, the Vallarta Institute of Culture (IVC) sponsored the parade for the Tlahualiles of Sahuayo, Michoacán.

The Dance of the Tlahualiles is a fundamental part of the festivities of Santiago Apóstol, the patron of Michoacan, a tradition that has been noticed by tourists over recent years.

The organizers explained that the Tlahualiles accompany the image of Santiago Apóstol in the performances that take place within their festival, which begins on July 25 and ends on August 24.

The Tlahualiles are groups that represent fallen warriors who, according to legend, were defeated by the force and magnificence of Santiago Apóstol in a great battle.

The impressive costumes are designed and made with unique elements and ornaments that characterize them, including the large plumes decorated with feathers, mirrors, and diamonds, which can measure up to two meters and weigh more than 20 kilos.

The mulitas represent the figure of Santiago Apóstol with the investiture of a warrior fighting against the Tlahualiles, representing good that conquers evil with a sword.

The Tlahualil, an inseparable figure of the image of the patron Santiago de Compostela on his journey to Sahuayo, today is tradition and culture that Michoacans shared with the people of Vallarta.

The Michoacan dancers staged the battle, at times with music that excited attendees. In the end, the dancers invited the people of Vallarta to attend their festivities in honor of Santiago Apóstol, where about 3,500 Tlahualiles participate.

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