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On October 12, Mexico will begin capturing remaining Vaquita porpoises

An effort to capture the few remaining vaquita porpoises in Mexico’s Gulf of California will start next week. Mexican authorities and an international group of experts say they will set out on Oct. 12 in small boats to find the elusive marine mammals with the assistance of trained dolphins. Despite Mexico’s campaign to help the...

Activists blame Mexican government for near-loss of porpoise

Conservation groups said Monday that the Mexican government’s lack of action is to blame for the near-extinction of the critically endangered vaquita marina porpoise. The groups said the National Fisheries Commission didn’t supervise fishing season rules and improperly increased catch quotas in the upper Gulf of California. They said the commission also failed to give...

UNAM team releases macaws in Veracruz reserve

Biologists and veterinarians at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish) released macaws at the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve in Veracruz, with the objective of consolidating the population of these animals in the region. The team, which works under the direction of the UNAM´s Institute of Biology and is coordinated...
El Salado

A natural oasis in Puerto Vallarta is threatened by hotels and shopping centers

El Salado is a natural oasis in the middle of Puerto Vallarta, a protected natural area where visitors coexist with crocodiles and more than 800 species of animals that roam the river and the mangroves. The sanctuary is located in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta, under threat of accelerated growth of tourist developments and...
Bengal tiger cub

Bengal tiger cub confiscated from car at border crossing

U.S. border officials confiscated a Bengal tiger cub after inspecting a car heading from Mexico to California, federal authorities said Friday. Luis Eudoro Valencia, a U.S. citizen from Perris, California, was charged Thursday with smuggling a Bengal tiger cub into the United States from Mexico. Agents found the cub lying on the floor of the...
sea turtles

Climate change means reproduction changes of Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Between June and November, tortoise females reach the beaches of western Mexico to lay their eggs in the warm sand and ensure their reproduction. About 45 days later, hundreds of youngsters leave their nest to return to the sea, a cycle that specialists consider “normal” in the spawning season. However, this cycle is increasingly changing,...
mexico city dolphin

What will happen to the marine animals in Mexico City after ban?

Although Mexico City has no outlet to the sea, it has long been home to marine mammals such as dolphins and sea lions. Until this month, parks like Six Flags offered shows and dolphin swim, but this will now be banned in the capital by two law reforms passed in the Legislative Assembly of the...
Mexico City is first to ban Dolphin Shows in Mexico

Mexico City is first to ban Dolphin Shows in Mexico

Mexico City approved legal reform that prevents the use of dolphins and other marine mammals in shows and therapies, which adds to a previous ban circus animals that began in Mexico City and was adopted nationwide. The local Legislative Assembly gave the unanimous green light to an initiative reforming the animal protection law and the...
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