Tourist falls 182 meters in zipline accident

A tourist from California was allegedly injured when a portion of the canopy at Nogalito Eco Park failed last Thursday. The victim fell 182 meters (600 feet) down into the canopy where she was suspended in trees by her zipline vest, according Manuel Orosco, a family friend of the victim.

The incident occurred in the seventh section of the canopy tour known as Descanso. The Nogalito Eco Park has 11 lines with a maximum height of 660 feet.

Manuel Orosco stated the victim was unable to receive medical treatment in Puerto Vallarta without insurance so she immediately returned to California to seek medical attention.

During an examination in California it was discovered she had injured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the ligament in the knees, and required surgery.

“A local couple told me they were on the Nogalito zipline last Thursday when the cable broke. A woman claims to have fallen 600 feet into the tree canopy,” Chris Smith, reporter from San Francisco, told PVDN.

The tourist arrived in Puerto Vallarta by cruise ship and purchased canopy tickets directly through Nogalito Eco Park and was not part of a tour group, according to sources.

PVDN attempted to buy tickets online from Nogalito Eco Park and were asked to agree to the terms and safety conditions, however the links to the terms do not function, so it’s unclear what users are agreeing to in terms of their safety with this particular company.

A canopy tour is an established route through a wooded and often mountainous landscape making primary use of zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees.

Zip lining has provided the answer for many adventure enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of rushing through the air without parachuting out of a plane or bouncing on a shock cord. As with any recreational activity, riding a zip line comes with risks that can be minimized by adhering to safety protocols set in place by industry professionals.

Zip lines in Puerto Vallarta remain safe. It’s important to use reputable companies with excellent safety records. Los Veranos Canopy Tour is the original zipline company in Puerto Vallarta, and well-known tour operator Vallarta Adventures also holds a high safety record.

Nogalito Eco Park has not responded to numerous requests from PVDN for comment.

55 Responses
  1. Very unfortunate accident. It’s amazing that she is ok. There are several canopy tours in Vallarta that do not own the property. They are simply renting the facility. This is one of them. Each cable costs approximately $40,000 pesos ($3,000 usd). Zip lining is very safe when you book with reputable companies.

  2. Darryl Smith

    The real story here is Puerto Vallarta is throwing tourists under the bus in 2016. First the Utah tourists ARRESTED and SCAMMED at the airport and now no medical help for people nearly killed. When word gets out Tourist will stop coming to Vallarta for safety concerns.

  3. Those are dangerous even when they don’t break!!!! Jimmy was talking about try one. After we told him that Cathy broke a finger on one. He decided that wouldn’t do his career any good.

  4. This is to the woman who fell, you probably signed a wavier in case you had an accident. Plus, you’re in a foreign country, what are you thinking. Did you not think what you’re doing might be dangerous?? Do you really think they have to provide you with accident insurance??. Again, you’re in a foreign country… And I lived in PV for many years, usually, if you have good insurance, 2 things happen.Your insurance guarantees the hospital to cover you or you pay upfront and your insurance pays you back when you submit the hospital bill.

    1. The legal “waivers” in the US mean nothing , other than an assumption of risk– you can’t waive something that has not occurred — but, one would hope that these folks have sufficient insurance. The idea that the hospital in Vallarta would not treat without insurance is absurd. I have had some experience with Amerimed, they charged me a pretty hefty fee last time, but I paid and submitted it when I got home– and was reimbursed. I was not happy that they ran a $10K deposit on my card. An e room afternoon cost $3400. Canadian insurance works entirely differently, but I would think I would want my own knee doc fixing this.

    2. I would like to think the people running these, including the para sailing — would like to assure and take care of their clients– my first trip to Mexico, long long ago– and I heard in Acapulco then there were several folks injured, one broken pelvis, two killed- and decided to pass. My Vallarta friend tells me they are running a much better operation now–

    3. I know in Barbados, a friend tripped going on to an excursion boat– they drove him to the hospital, got his foot stitched, paid the bill, and gave him a couple free excursions– ending with a positive for the operators–

  5. Foghorn Leghorn

    She tore her ACL it’s not the end of the world ha ha ha ha ha ha It’s an Emergency in California . Doctor would wrap it and tell her to stay off it for a while and see how it turns out worst case some day surgery and limp for a few weeks .

    1. I am guessing she met whatever safety standards are required. I don’t think her weight is important unless you were interested in body shaming her, we don’t do that here. We will assume her weight, age, and health met the standards set for this activity. I have seen some very fat men on these lines, so nothing you are asking for would have resulted in line failure.

  6. Isabel Mendiola

    no surprise there, is not the first time there is an accident in the Eden Canopy area or with one of their vehicles that do not have insurance either, worst of all people go there to have fun not knowing the reality of things in that place, so sad

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