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Woman in Mexico arrested for not ironing husband’s shirt

Dulce Requena Garcia, 21, from the city of Tampico was taken to the nearby police station where she was fined the equivalent of $32, but because she didn’t have any money she was locked up for 12 hours.

Her husband, Edgar Ivan Perez Alvarado, complained that when he got home after work he wanted a change of clothes to go out with friends, but his wife refused to iron them, and accused him of going out to meet his mistress.

Odd arrest … The woman was fined in the Mexican city of Tampico.

Frustrated over her refusal, he called police telling them that she spent too much time in front of the television and not enough time doing the housework.

The police’s interference in a domestic dispute however caused outrage online.

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“The next time my woman will get annoyed because I got home drunk in the morning, I’ll call the police and ask them to arrest her to calm her down,” one wrote.

“What could I do so they take my woman. She eats out a lot and I need to hide my card from her,” another added.

It’s not known what the exact charge was.