October 9, 2018

Female lion attacks owner in northern Mexico

A female lion attacked a man who apparently kept her along with another lion and a tiger as pets at his home in the northern...
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counterfeit pesos

Counterfeit money in Jalisco is big business

Since 2010, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) removed 195,294 counterfeit banknotes from circulation in Jalisco valued at 56,894,810 pesos. Although 2013 is documented with the most...
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SingularityU summit puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta will host SingularityU Technology Summit

With the goal of developing technologies to resolve the great problems that humanity has, such as poverty, famine, and climate change, the SingularityU Summit Mexico 2018...
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monarch mexico

23 Mexican States gather to discuss the safe passage of the Monarch Butterfly

Representatives from 23 states in Mexico and civil society organizations participated in a meeting during the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Monarch Butterfly Monitoring National...
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Mexico is not interested in agreement with the US to deport migrants

Neither the current federal government, nor the one that will be sworn in on December 1, are interested in an agreement with the United States...
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What will Mexico call the USMCA trade deal?

The president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, summoned his social media followers to participate in a survey about an eventual name change to the...
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Pemex announces seven new crude finds in Gulf of Mexico

Mexican state oil firm Pemex [PEMX.UL] said on Tuesday it has made seven new crude discoveries in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico...
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AMLO still says Frack No to Fracking in Mexico

For the second time since his July 1 electoral victory, Mexican President-Elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador said publicly that his administration will not allow hydraulic...
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NASA uncovers evidence that Southern California fault connects to fault in Mexico

A multiyear study has uncovered evidence that a 21-mile-long (34-kilometer-long) section of a fault links known, longer faults in southern California and northern Mexico into...
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Monarch butterflies fluttering around the Big Country on their way to Mexico

Monarch butterflies are on their way to Mexico

As the seasons begin to change and colder weather draws closer, people may be starting to see more butterflies in the air around the Big...
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How to Eat Well as a Vegan in Mexico

How to Eat Well as a Vegan in Mexico

Vegan tacos? In Mexico?? Seriously?? Absolutely! And those can be found on virtually any block. You just need to know what to look for. The...
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The Gay Men's Chorus of Mexico City fought immigration scrutiny to bring their songs to L.A.

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Mexico City fought immigration scrutiny to bring their songs to L.A.

On Sunday morning a group of men traveling from Mexico City to Los Angeles were held up temporarily by the Department of Homeland Security as...
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