Puerto Vallarta will host SingularityU Technology Summit

SingularityU summit puerto vallarta

With the goal of developing technologies to resolve the great problems that humanity has, such as poverty, famine, and climate change, the SingularityU Summit Mexico 2018 will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The second edition of the SingularityU Summit Mexico will take place on November 7 and 8 at the Convention Center of Puerto Vallarta, and more than 20 speakers will discuss the most advanced technology topics, with the main trends being cryptocurrencies, health, artificial intelligence, and mobility.

The governor of the state, Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz, said that no such event had been held in Mexico, despite the fact that Mexico City and Monterrey were also interested.

“We made the proposal to bring the summit to Jalisco knowing that nine summits were scheduled each year, none of which had taken place in Mexico, or Jalsico, the capital of innovation in Mexico, we wanted to host the event,” he explained.

The governor stressed that it was possible to consolidate, “I believe that one of our advantages is the consolidated technological ecosystem that we have in Jalisco, it is the degree of specialization that our public and private universities have betting on this trend”.

Jalisco advances technologically in many areas, such as innovation in the field of health, agroindustry, and in medicine, with bioinformation alternatives.

In addition, in the education sector, with an innovative model, such as robotic classes, and all these achievements have been thanks to the creation and investment of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology.

Attending this event will facilitate the learning of various topics to create pilot projects that can be promoted nationally and internationally.

“We are doing the same now with Singularity, which is based in San Jose, in the Silicon Valley of the United States, where we want to learn a lot from, but I also believe that they can promote pilots and that Jalisco is the spearhead in many of the innovation projects that are taking place all over the world,” he said.

The state leader also presented the award of the “Challenge Together, Solutions in Jalisco 2018”, which aimed to summon the public to present innovative projects to solve some priority problems in the state, and that could be replicable for other regions of the country.

He said that the winner of the first place was the project called “Appgrícola”, carried out by Ramón Díaz Mendoza, which consists of moving from a reactive and emergency agriculture to a preventive and regenerative one.

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