June 11, 2020

Mexican workers in US are sending record money home despite coronavirus-related economic shutdowns

One might think Mexican immigrants in the U.S. would be sending less money home to their families as a result of the coronavirus. The 11.2...
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Oaxaca, Mexico buries US teenager shot in the head by police

In grief and anger, hundreds of people bid farewell Thursday to a 16-year-old Mexican-American boy shot dead by local police in this town in southern...
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Austerity measures in Mexico cut funding for protecting forests, a party for illegal loggers

Austerity measures by Mexico’s populist president have slashed the country’s national park service budget by 75%, sparking fears over the future of the nation’s rich...
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‘It’s time to raise our voice’ – Mexican actors condemn racism in Mexico’s entertainment

Popular Mexican stars spoke out on Thursday to denounce racism and discrimination they have faced, saying they are often reduced to stereotyped roles in the...
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COVID-19 in Mexico: 15,944 dead and 133,974 admitted cases

The Ministry of Health (SSa) reported this Thursday, June 11 that the accumulated COVID-19 infections being disclosed by the federal government is 133,974, which includes...
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