January 25, 2023

At least 28,900 people fled their homes in Mexico in 2021 forced by violence

In April 2021, 204 people fled their homes in the municipality of Cotija, in Michoacán, after members of a criminal group broke into their homes...
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Puerto Vallarta Malecón will be repaired due to damage caused by high waves

In a regular session of the Tourism and Economic Development Commission in cooperation with the Environment and Public Services Commissions, the opinion derived from a...
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Kim Kuzma and Band in Dinner & A Show at Coco’s Kitchen Jan 27th

Coco's Kitchen in Vallarta's Zona Romantica will present a special 'Dinner & Show with Kim Kuzma' every other Friday evening this season. The next performance...
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Worse-than-expected slowdown for the Mexican economy

The Mexican economy slowed down during November. The Global Indicator of Economic Activity (IGAE) registered a decrease of 0.45 percent, compared to October, the month...
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Americans are driving to Mexico to buy cheaper eggs, could cause shortage and higher prices for Mexicans if it continues

The wide difference in egg prices between the United States and Mexico causes American consumers to come to the border strip between the two countries...
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Puerto Vallarta recognizes heroic action of policeman who saved tourist from drowning

Officer Alejandro Abarca Álvarez, a tourist area policeman, who on January 15 saved the life of a tourist from Guadalajara after being swept away by...
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