May 15, 2023

Traffic Chaos Expected on Tuesday as More Protests Hit Puerto Vallarta Streets

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - On social media, an announcement from the group known as the Peaceful Civil Resistance is circulating, calling for a blockade to...
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Puerto Vallarta Celebrates 31% Rise in Cruise Passenger Arrivals

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - The Puerto Vallarta National Port System Administration (ASIPONA Puerto Vallarta) has reported a 31% increase in the number of cruise passengers...
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Nayarit 2023 Wind Festival Was a Grand Display of Kiteboarding Mastery This Weekend

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - This weekend, the Nayarit 2023 Wind Festival, Mexico's premier kiteboarding event, brought together the industry's finest talents. As the largest International...
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Hurricane Season Begins Today: Preparing for the Pacific Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - As the calendar flips to May, residents along the Pacific coast of Mexico brace themselves for the onset of the Pacific...
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A Puerto Vallarta Vacation Ends Tragically When a Texan Man Dies on Los Muertos Beach

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - A Texas resident tragically passed away on Sunday, May 14, while vacationing with his partner and family on Los Muertos beach...
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Stranded Yacht Rescued by ENSAR: Nine Safely Returned to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - The Navy Department of Mexico, via the Twelfth Naval Zone's Mexican Navy, has reported the successful rescue of a small yacht...
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