July 26, 2023

International Tribunal Declares Mexico’s Mayan Train a Violation of Nature and Mayan Community Rights

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - Are the wonders of ancient Mexico at risk? Find out how the Mayan Train Project, the pet project of President López...
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Washington State Fire Department Donates Vehicle and Equipment to Puerto Vallarta Firefighters

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - In a remarkable show of international camaraderie and goodwill, the Pend Oreille County Fire Department of Washington state, United States, has...
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An exceptionally bright meteor, accompanied by a thunderous roar, lights up the night skies of Jalisco (video)

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - When Night Turned to Day: The Incredible Moment a Fireball Exploded Over Mexico's Sky! Was it a sign from the cosmos,...
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Weather Forecast for Puerto Vallarta, July 26, 2023: Puerto Vallarta Braces for Mixed Conditions Amid Climate Change Impact

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) - Puerto Vallarta residents are experiencing first-hand the effects of climate change, with weather patterns becoming increasingly unpredictable. As temperatures continue to...
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Puerto Vallarta Registers Surge in Cruise Ship Arrivals, Boosting Tourism Economy

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - Puerto Vallarta is experiencing a significant uptick in cruise ship arrivals, with an impressive 78% year-on-year increase reported in the first...
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