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Some people in tour group exposed to COVID-19 visited Bahía de Banderas

The state governor, Enrique Alfaro confirms that the main source of coronavirus infection that exists at the moment in Jalisco is from a group of 400 people who traveled to a resort in Vail, Colorado.

The government has asked all these people to have social responsibility, isolate themselves and go to the official health sector, for greater control.

State authorities are doing the work of identification all the people with whom the 400 people have had contact with. Making the task harder, many of the travelers toured Tapalpa and the following weekend toured Bahía de Banderas, next to Puerto Vallarta.

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This morning the Government of Jalisco announced the measures it will take to prevent the spread and spread of COVID-19.

Through his Twitter account, he published the rules to follow starting this March 18 and until further notice. As a first measure, it reported the temporary closure in all event rooms, casinos, clubs, canteens, nightclubs, and bars in the state.

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“The decision has been made, based on the criteria of the WHO and in coordination with municipalities, to temporarily close party halls, casinos, clubs, canteens, nightclubs and bars,”

Enrique Alfaro, Governor of Jalisco

He said that establishments such as cinemas, restaurants, and gyms will have to reinforce hygiene and sanitation methods in addition to reducing the influx of people – in cinemas, the capacity will be reduced to 50 percent and in restaurants, 25 percent – and they should seek the social distance of two meters between each person.

PVDN updated this story headline title to clarify not all 400 tourists from the group visited Bahía de Banderas. It’s unclear how many of the group chose to visit the area.