Adventure-Awaits in Europe

Who does not want to go to Europe? Of course, Europeans can take the wonders of their continent for granted, but those from other places can certainly appreciate the rich history, arts, culture, and architecture it offers. Besides, Europe is not just all old buildings and fancy food. For a growing number of travelers, countries spanning from Iceland in the north to Cyprus in the southeast present a diverse variety of landscapes perfect for adventure travel. Yes, old Europe can also be a perfect location for some adrenaline-filled travel.

But why should travelers immerse in this trend of including physical activities in their trips? For travelers, having a vacation or being in another place presents an opportunity to try living an alternate life, a life so different from the ones they live from day to day. While it is true that people get to experience being different versions of themselves when going somewhere far, like Europe, it would be a welcome idea to extend that pretense even in the activities they do in that different place. Adventure trips give travelers a chance to be whatever they want to be, albeit in just five minutes, an hour or two, or during the duration of their activity. Although it’s nothing too drastic, inhibitions and fears are certainly shed.

Besides, going on a trip filled with thrill and physical outdoors-y activities also gives opportunities to reflect, something that not a lot of people have the time for these days because of their busy schedules. Because of the unique experiences people have in these rare travel itineraries, they tend to reflect on them even after many years. When travelers relive these thrilling activities, they harbor greater appreciation for these as not everyone gets to go to those places and do all those activities even once in their lifetimes.

Thrilling activities are in no short supply in a travel to Europe itinerary. For those who want to scale new heights, there are the enchanted highlands of Scotland and the peaks of the Matterhorn, the continent’s highest point located in the Swiss Alps. For those who want to go southwest, the Pyrenees mountain range in between France and Spain offers great hiking and adventure options.

Trekking can be done in the picturesque countryside of Romania and the Czech Republic. There is even a religious trail adventurous people may try if they want to add a different dimension to their travels with the way of St. James in Spain.

Those who want extreme water fun can go to the Mediterranean stretching from Spain to Greece. But then, with the issue of global warming, people are now getting used to the idea of spending summers in the beaches of Iceland, a country rather known for its cold weather. Otherwise, there’s always skiing, surfing, jet skiing, and other extreme sports that can be done in Hungary, Cyprus and Croatia. Now, who would have thought water sports can be done in Eastern Europe? But then, extreme water sports fans should take note that kayaking, canoeing, and wild water rafting is bigger nowadays in Eastern Europe than in other places in the continent because of the sheer number of locations.
Truly, a bevy of choices awaits the thrill seeking adventurer in Europe.

So, for anyone up for some adventure in the high seas, these places and the benefits of adventure travels should be reason enough to try and explore the wetter side of the world.

By: Wadner Tranchant

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