albino shark

Rare albino shark found off the Mexican coast

An alien-like fish which was found in the ocean off the coast of Cabo, Mexico this week has been identified as a rare albino shark.

The bulging pink creature was caught by a client of Jaime Rendon, captain of Dr. Pescado, while fishing in the Cabo corridor at El Tule.

“I was really surprised but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange,” Rendon told the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet.

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Rendon described the creature as having “raspy skin, three rows of tiny teeth and three gill slits on each side of the head”. He presumed the fish to be a swell shark given its enlarged stomach, a common defense mechanism for the creature which can swell up to twice its size in times of danger.

However, it was unclear why the shark was a pinkish colour with only three gill slits.

The shark was released back into the water shortly after it was caught.

The photos of the shark were sent to scientists for review but not before users on Twitter began likening the creature to an “alien fish” for its unusual appearance.

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Experts confirmed that it was a albino swell shark yesterday with Pisces Sportfishing Fleet posting the update: “Alien fish mystery solved — After studying the photos, the experts agree that the strange fish is an albino swell shark — still alive and well!”

Swell sharks are generally harmless, unless threatened, with the average length measuring 82-85 centimetres.

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