Armed men enter voting center in Puerto Vallarta and stuff two ballot boxes with fake votes

Two voting booths installed in Puerto Vallarta reported the entry of armed men who threatened officials and marked ballots, so the results will be annulled and the complaint will be filed with the authorities of the Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.

Mexicans were voting to recall the President, a vote that the president had promised would happen halfway through his term if he was elected, giving Mexicans the opportunity to remove him from office in the middle of a six-year term if they weren’t happy with his performance.

Carlos Rodríguez Morales, president counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in Jalisco confirmed that through the C5 surveillance system in the municipality and the security corporations they were aware of the incident in two boxes that were installed in the Agustín Flores Elementary School, boxes 1983 Básica y Contigua 1, with address at Calle Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz #245, El Caloso neighborhood, municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; Although there are no arrests so far.

He explained that a few minutes before the end of the day of receiving votes in this Sunday’s mandate revocation consultation, shortly before 6:00 p.m., hooded men entered a booth where they threatened officials and marked ballots that were stuffed in the ballot box.

Morales recalled that a couple of hours earlier he had pointed out that in some voting booths the practice of inducing the vote was being carried out and citizens were being told how to vote and“ we thought that this type of action had already been eradicated but not yet, since that even force is used, which is totally reprehensible, but in general terms, conditions were met for peaceful voting in Jalisco”.

The official said that unprecedented practices are being revived, which shows that anti-democratic actions still persist with practices that were thought to have been eradicated 30 years ago, such as vote induction.

He said that it is difficult to identify the number of ballots that could have been crossed by the criminals, who are presumed to be members of a political party in favor of the referendum, and insisted that the ballots cannot be identified with certainty, how many votes were in favor of one option or the other.

A complaint will be filed with the electoral authorities so that the electoral offenders are punished.

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